Saturday, September 27, 2008

Princeton-Lehigh Football Game

Updated postgame
Some final stats: Culbreath goes 20 for 126 and a touchdown; Anderson is 20 for 29 for 244. Thanheiser catches nine for 120. Clark of Lehgih is 14 for 27 for 169 and a TD. Princeton outgains Lehigh 392-238. Time of game is 2:31. Not sure if the new timing rules or the fact that the game was one long drive after another made it such a quick game.

Updated with no time remaining
Princeton 10, Lehigh 7
Louden's field goal is good. Princeton wins.

Updated with 3 seconds remaining.
Fourth down from the 15. Princeton timeout. Connor Louden will attempt a 32-yard field goal to win the game.

Updated with 21 seconds remaining.
Princeton has third and two at the Lehigh 13. It's a 30-yard field goal from here. Remember, Lehigh has already blocked one field goal. Princeton with one timeout remaining. Lehigh with one timeout remaining.

Updated with :45 remaining.
Anderson to Thanheiser for 47 yards. First and 10 Princeton at the 21.

Updated still with :55 remaining
Watson didn't get it. Princeton ball. First and 10 on the 32.

Updated with :55 remaining.
Lehigh gives it to Adam Watson on the fourth down. He looks short, but a measurement is coming.

Updated with 1 min remaining.
McGowan's run leaves Lehigh with 4th and 1 at the 32. A 49-yard field goal would put the Mountain Hawks on top, but Princeton calls timeout first. Before the timeout, Lehigh had its offense on the field. No wind to speak of.

Updated with 1:26 remaining in fourth.
Still tied.
Lehigh timeout. Third and 2 at the Princeton 34. Lehigh's kicker Jason Leo is good, but might be too far for him if the Hawks don't get first down.

Updated with 2:3o remaining in fourth
Lehigh gets a first down at the Princeton 42 as Matt McGowan puts together two good runs.

Updated with 3:30 remaining in fourth
Still tied.
Lehigh's Matt Cohen sacks Anderson, forcing a punt. Coyle drills another one. Cribbs returns to the Lehigh 38.

Updated with 5:55 remaining in fourth.
Wilson Cates makes a nice tackle in a third down play, forcing a Lehigh punt. Tigers get it at their own 21.

Updated with 7 min remaining in fourth.
Still tied.
Another punt for Coyle goes inside the 10. This time, Jarard Cribbs fields it and returns it to the Lehigh 33.

Updated with 9 min remaining in fourth
Princeton 7, Lehigh 7
Lehigh punts on 4th and 8 at the Princeton 40. Goes into the end zone. First and 10 Princeton from the 20. Princeton has outgained Lehigh 312-203.

Updated 13 min remaining in fourth
Princeton 7, Lehigh 7
Princeton forced to punt for first time. Great coverage by Meko McCray. Lehigh first and 10 at its own 10.

Updated End of Third
Princeton 7, Lehigh 7
Princeton forced a Lehigh punt on the first three-and-out of the night. The Tigers had reasonable field position to start the drive at their own 25. First three quarters take less than two hours to play. Culbreath - 14 carries, 115 yards through three quarters.

Updated with 1:40 in third
Princeton 7, Lehigh 7
Yet another long drive. Princeton goes 10 plays but turns it over at the Lehigh 30. Princeton has yet to punt in this game.

Updated 5 min left in third
Culbreath goes over 100-yard mark rushing as the Tigers are on the move.

Updated First Drive Of Third Quarter
Princeton 7, Lehigh 7
Lehigh takes the second-half kick and goes on another long march. This time, the Mountain Hawks run off 12 plays plays before a Jeff Jackson sack ends the threat and forces a punt. Princeton gets it on its nine.

Updated end of half
Princeton 7, Lehigh 7
Culbreath has 89 yards. Anderson is 11 for 15 for 121 yards. Lehigh's quarterback Clark is 7 for 11 for 101 yards and the interception. Princeton has outgained Lehigh 238-113.

Updated 2:44 left in half
Jeffrey Jackson ends a Lehigh drive with an interception at the Tiger 23.

Updated 4:57 remaining in half
Princeton 7, Lehigh 7
Jordan Culbreath gets Princeton on the board with a one-yard TD run on a nice pitch from Brian Anderson. Culbreath now has 88 yards on eight carries. A 46-yard pass from Anderson to Magro set the Tigers up.

Updated 7:18 Remaining in half
Lehigh 7, Princeton 0
Lehigh's J.B. Clark throws a short TD pass to Mike Fitzgerald.

Updated midway second
Princeton 0, Lehigh 0
Lehigh blocks a field goal attempt. Al Pierce picks it up and brings it to the Princeton eight. Brian Anderson, the holder, chased him down to save the touchdown on an amazing hustle play.

Updated Early Second
Still scoreless
Lehigh's drive goes eight minutes and comes up empty when Jason Leo misses a long field goal. The first 19 minutes of the game features one possession for each team, 155 yards, and no points.

Updated End of First
Princeton 0, Lehigh 0
Lehigh answers Princeton's drive with a long one of its own. Quarter ends with the Mountain Hawks with a first down at the Tiger 36.

Updated In First Quarter
Princeton 0, Lehigh 0
Princeton took the opening kickoff and took the first 10:26 off the clock before being stopped on a 4th-and-goal inside the one. Brian Anderson,who completed all six of his passes on the 17 play drive, was stopped on a sneak.

Update Pregame
Surprising Ivy League finals: Brown 24, Harvard 22; Cornell 17, Yale 14.

Princeton and Lehigh are about 20Updated minutes away from kickoff. It's extremely humid in Princeton, but the rain hasn't been more than a mist at any point all day. Waiting for the first appearance of the Princeton band, who had so much excitement a week ago at the Citadel. The band's performance this weekend will not refer to what happened in Charleston.

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