Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hello From Sunny California! Part II

Princeton vs. St. Louis
Updated End of Game
SLU wins 53-51. Lauren woods hits a jumper and is fouled. She lands her free throw to give SLU a 51-49 lead. Cheryl Stevens ties it at 51. With 16 seconds left Alisha Goodwin puts one in to regain the lead. Berry had 10 seconds to bring the ball down and make something happen. She takes the ball into the paint but her shot doesn't drop. Micir takes a foul sending a Billiken to the line but she misses her shot.

Updated 1:18
Princeton leads 49-48. This is gonna be a nail biter!

Updated 3:58
Last media timeout of the half. Just a note: Princeton has nailed all of its free throws this half, 8-8, while SLU is 0-2.

Updated 4:34
Princeton sets up a great play and Berry records a layup to give Princeton a one-point lead, 45-44.

Updated 7:37
It looks like this game will definitely be decided in the final seconds. There have been eight lead changes during the half. SLU leads 42-41.

Updated 11:47
Tied score at 35-35. Downs has scored the last six points for the Tigers.

Updated 15:31
St. Louis drains a three to retake the lead, 33-31.

Updated 17:00
Princeton has earned its first lead of the game, 31-30, after Downs took the ball down the lane.

Updated Halftime
SLU leads 27-25. Sophomore Addie Micir has 10 points and Whitney Downs has added seven as Princeton shot 37.9 percent in the half. The Bilikens are shooting 37.5 percent with Theresa Lisch and Amanda Kemezys each with six points.

Updated :54
SLU leads 25-23. Princeton has started to play stronger. Sophomore Krystal Hill and freshman Lauren Edwards have been making some key plays to the Tigers success.

Updated 3:26
SLU leads 25-18. The Tigers will have possession after the final media timeout of the half.

Updated 8:18
SLU leads 20-11. The Tigers still are having trouble finding its offensive rhythm. TigerBlog imagines Coach Banghart is looking forward to halftime.

Updated 11:43
SLU leads 11-8. Micir just dropped a bucket and will be shooting a free throw following the media timeout.

Updated 12:48
The Tigers don't seem like themselves today. A couple jumbles with the ball has resulted in turnovers.

Updated 14:59
Finally the streak has ended - Micir hits a jumper!

Updated 15:56.
SLU leads 2-0. The teams are both shooting cold. Princeton is 0-for-7, and SLU is 1-for-5. It really is a case of being unlucky for the Tigers. They are getting good lucks but the ball is either bouncing off the rim or rimming out.

Updated 18:21
Princeton is having a hard time finding the basket, shooting 0-for-4, but St. Louis isn't having much luck either. SLU leads 2-0.

Updated 20:00
And here we go
...Cheryl Stevens wins the tip for the Tigers.


It's the final day of the women's basketball trip to California. After a terrific performance last night versus No. 3 Cal, the team stuck around to watch some of the St. Louis/TCU game. Dinner followed at Pyramid, where coincidentally, members of the Cal team were seated right next to the Princeton tables. The athletes settled into bed early to rest up for Sunday's game. The team met for film and shoot-around this morning and are now warming up for its game with St. Louis. TigerBlog has been getting a hard time from the team for wearing a blue shirt to today's game. Not only is it blue, but the exact blue of the St. Louis Bilikens. An error in judgement on TigerBlog's part when packing on Wednesday night. After the game the team will head to an alumni reception, where at least 20 Princeton alums will get to meet the players and coaching staff. The Tigers will take the red eye out of San Francisco tonight, leaving at 10:30 p.m., and will arrive in Newark at 6:30 a.m., with an arrival back at Jadwin at 8:30 a.m.

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