Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two Not-So-Blind Mice

So there were two visitors this morning to TigerBlog HQ. A mother mouse, and her baby friend. TigerBlog has been working in this building for more than 20 years, and these are the first two mice he can remember actually in the office. There have been other visitors through the years, including cockroaches bigger than the two mice who visited this morning.

The mice received varying degrees of welcome by those who saw them, including a shriek or two as they were escorted out of the building. One suggestion was made to use TigerCam to film the little guys and the reactions they inspired by those who saw them.

Ah, TigerCam. TigerBlog. TigerZone. TigerVision. TigerText. TB can't remember the first time someone came up with the idea to take two words, condense them into one and capitalize the first letter of the second word. Maybe it was "SportsCenter?"

Anyway, for those who haven't noticed, the Office of Athletic Communications has invested in a flip camera and has started to create some videos. Lacking a name for the project, we jokingly came up with "TigerCam," which fits with everything else we do. In an attempt to find something more original, TigerBlog asked men's lacrosse player Greg Seaman to come up with a name when he took it to film his team's trip to Giants Stadium to play Syracuse. He thought for a second and said "TigerCam." So much for something different.

TigerCam has spent the last three weekends on the road, first with men's lacrosse and then with women's tennis and men's lightweight rowing. There's also a video account of the spring football game available.

The OAC has also created Princeton's own youtube channel to house the video.

There are some initial problems with TigerCam, some of which involves the quality of the audio. We're working on ways to improve the product. In the meantime, TigerCam is off to a good start. And keep checking back for more offerings.

* * *

A Princeton alum has pitched seven scoreless innings in the Major Leagues each of the last two days. TigerBlog isn't sure how often that's happened for any school anywhere.

It started Tuesday, when Ross Ohlendorf went seven for the Pittsburgh Pirates in a win over the Marlins to end their seven-game winning streak. Ohlendorf is 1-2, but he's pitched great twice and okay the third time. He went six-plus in his first start (vs. the Cardinals) and was charged with two earned runs, both of which scored after he came out.

Chris Young went seven scoreless against the Giants yesterday for a no-decision in a game that his San Diego Padres would lose 1-0 in 10 innings. Young can't really complain about not gettting a win, after he was rocked by the Phils Friday night in a game the Padres came back to win.

Young has already been an all-star and has established himself as one of the best in the National League when healthy. Ohlendorf, whose 3.00 ERA is actually better than Young's 3.42, was traded from the Yankees to the Pirates, which has enabled him to be a starter.

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