Friday, March 8, 2013

Elaine, Elaine, Elaine, Elaine

You know what movie was on the other night?

"The Graduate."

TigerBlog had already seen it several times before the night a few days before commencement when the movie was shown to any soon-to-be Penn graduate who wandered in for the screening. That's the viewing that stands out the most, especially the part where Ben's dad asks him what those four years of college were for, and Ben has absolutely no answer for him.

That made the entire class howl with laughter. Perhaps some of it was nervous laughter, knowing that everyone in the room had to face the same question.

The movie tells the story of Ben, an accomplished student, cross country runner and college newspaper editor who graduates from a prestigious Eastern college, comes back to California and, well, starts having an affair with his father's partner's wife, whose name is, of course, Mrs. Robinson.

As an aside, Ben is played by Dustin Hoffman and Mrs. Robinson is played by Ann Bancroft. In the movie, they're supposed to be separated by 25 years or so. In reality, Bancroft was only six years older than Hoffman.

Anyway, it doesn't really work out between Ben and Mrs. Robinson, largely because Ben falls in love with someone else, Elaine Robinson. It gets a bit complicated at the end, and eventually they both somehow have the right amount for bus fare in Santa Barbara shortly after Ben shrieks Elaine's name several times from high above a church.

If you haven't seen the movie, make sure you put it on your list.

The movie is from 1967, and you don't need to look at the movie's Wikipedia entry to know that. It's obvious by the hairstyles, the clothes, the societal mores - all of it.

There are two things that stood out to TigerBlog the first time he saw it, the 25 or so times since then he's seen it, and the time the other day that he saw it.

First, the Simon and Garfunkel music fits so perfectly into the storyline.

Second, there are some extraordinary camera angles, which resulted in having so much of the filming be so unique.

TigerBlog had his mind on other graduates this week as well as he wrote the script for senior night for the women's basketball team, one of three teams competing for Ivy League championships this weekend.

Princeton hosts Yale and Brown tonight and tomorrow, and should Princeton win both, then the team would clinch a fourth straight outright Ivy League title.

Add in the fact that Princeton beat Yale by 46 and Brown by 31 the first time around, on the road, and the chances for there to be a celebration at Jadwin Gym this weekend are reasonable.

It's also senior night for the most successful class in Ivy women's basketball history. Should Princeton win the league, then the Class of 2013 would be the first in league women's basketball history to play in four NCAA tournaments. The only other class to play in four NCAAs (dating back to freshman eligibility in the mid-1970s) was Princeton's men's class of 1992.

Attendance for women's basketball has nearly tripled from the time this class arrived to now. Much of that can be attributed to Niveen Rasheed, who plays for the final time in her spectacular career at Jadwin.

The men are also playing for a championship this weekend.

Princeton is 9-2 in the league. Harvard is 9-3.

Princeton is at Yale (who beat Princeton the first time) and Brown this weekend and then Penn Tuesday. Harvard is home against Columbia (who beat Harvard the first time) and Cornell.

Obviously if Princeton wins out, it will win the league championship outright and advance to the NCAA tournament. If Harvard gains one game in the loss column the rest of the way, then there will be co-champions and a one-game playoff for the Ivy's bid to the NCAA tournament.

For Princeton, it's an envious position. Win three and you're in the tournament. Of course, all three are on the road.

For Harvard, it's win twice at home and hope for some help.

The other Ivy title up for grabs is in men's swimming and diving.

The champion there will also either be Princeton or Harvard. After Day 1 Thursday at Brown's new pool, Harvard had 467 points, Princeton had 423 points, and nobody else had more than 301.

TigerBlog doesn't know much about the order that the events are held in and who is favored where, so Harvard's lead could be anything from a mirage to insurmountable.

Still, Princeton and Harvard have a great rivalry going in men's swimming and diving. In fact, when was the last year that someone other than one or the other got even a share of the title was in 1993, when Yale and Harvard split the league championship.

The last time a team other than Princeton or Harvard won it outright? How about 1970.

These are the last three Ivy titles of the winter. They could all be decided this weekend or linger into Tuesday.

And there's a chance for another playoff or two (mathematically at least) next weekend.

If nothing else, make sure you're at Jadwin Saturday night, to see Niveen Rasheed and the rest of the Class of 2013 play there for the last time.

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Anonymous said...

Although she played the significantly older woman, Anne Bancroft was only 6 years older than Dusting Hoffman. In the famous shot of Ben seen through Mrs. Robinson's leg, the leg does not actually belong to Anne Bancroft. A leg double was used and the stand in only got paid a couple of hundred dollars for one of the most famous movie shots ever.