Monday, December 23, 2013

Princeton 68, Honolulu 66

TigerBlog checked the weather app on his phone yesterday in the late morning and found that it was actually warmer at that moment in the greater Princeton area than it was in Honolulu.

Yup. According to TB's phone, it was 68 degrees around here and 66 degrees in Honolulu.

In fairness to the Hawaiian capital, it was barely sunrise there. And it was clear, as opposed to cloudy and rainy here.

Oh, and there was also the five-day forecast, which in Honolulu calls for five straight days of sunny with a high of 81. TB assumes that's also the 500-day forecast there as well.

Here? It's warm again today. Tomorrow it goes back to what one would expect, with highs in the 30s.

All in all, it got TB wondering how many moments in the last 100 years or so had there been a moment in December when it was warmer in Princeton than Honolulu. It can't be too often, if it's ever happened before.

The rain and temperatures that set records around here destroyed any chance for a white Christmas in Princeton. The odds were pretty good a few days ago, after three snowfalls in seven days and temps in the 20s and 30s sort of guaranteed plenty of snow for awhile.

And now it's all gone, which is fine with TigerBlog, who is never a snow fan.

He's no fan of reality TV either. In fact, he's appalled by it, and the effect it's had on American society, which now values fame over substance to such an unhealthy degree that people will engage in any sort of behavior to achieve it, no matter how reprehensible.

Given his views on the subject, TB has never - nor will ever - watch "Duck Dynasty." In fact, he had no idea at all what it was about until one of the stars of the show said something recently that you might have heard about.

TB isn't quite sure what the fuss is all about. Why are people shocked by any of this? Some guy from Louisiana has a disparaging opinion of homosexuality? Who cares? Plenty of people all over the country agree with him; way more don't.

Who cares? Isn't it okay in America to have a disparaging opinion? Does this automatically mean that he has to be kicked off his show?

And why? Because he might have offended someone? So what? Offend anyone you want. Let the public decide if they still want to watch.

Plus, who could care this much about "Duck Dynasty?" It's not like he's part of the public trust.

Again, the idea is to be outrageous, except not so outrageous that you actually cross some line, only nobody knows where that line is. The "Duck Dynasty" guy is a pariah? Google "homophobia in rap music" and see what you find.

Anyway, TB wanted to say that last week at some point but couldn't slip it in. And since today he's mostly just rambling anyway, it seemed like as good a time as any.

Jadwin Gym is really, really quiet this morning. The parking lot was essentially empty when TB got here, and there are few souls in the building.

Christmas Day is Wednesday. Christmas Eve is tomorrow, obviously. Most people are off between Christmas and New Year's, and that left today and then next Thursday and Friday as the iffy work days.

In fact, most schools are closed until Jan. 6, meaning two full weeks off for most kids. Contrast that with what happens when Christmas and New Year's are on the weekend. Kids get cheated in those years, comparatively.

Meanwhile, Princeton University returns for reading period on Jan. 6, followed by the start of exams on Jan. 15.

In other words,  there's not a lot in the way of Princeton Athletics for the next few weeks. In fact, between now and Jan. 25, there are 29 athletic contests, only seven of which are at home.

The next athletic events aren't until Saturday. The only home game remaining for 2013 is the men's basketball game against Kent State on New Year's Eve day.

The time between Christmas and New Year's always includes a major shift from shopping commercials and scenes of snowy homecomings to year in review stories and thoughts of wildly ringing in the new year.

TB will join in the fun, at least as it relates to reviewing the Princeton Athletics year, after Christmas.

And he'll be back tomorrow, talking Christmas.

For now, he will enjoy the last few hours of warm weather before the cold front comes in. The high temperature yesterday was 70. Tomorrow's low will be 19.

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