Monday, January 26, 2015

Back On The Ice

TigerBlog saw the video on from the women's hockey team, where several members of the team answer the question of who would play them in a movie?

It's fun stuff, as the players chuckle their way through their answers. And the video includes a picture of the actress - or in one case, animated figure - who would play each player.

When Princeton Athletics went away from printing media guides in favor of video, this was the kind of thing that TigerBlog had in mind. It's simple, and yet it gives such a great look into the athletes and what they're really like.

Oh, and before he goes too much further, TigerBlog would like to answer the question for himself.

He feels like Albert Brooks would be a good choice, though he's a little older than TB. Maybe John Cusack, who is closer, though a little younger.

No, let's stay with Albert Brooks. He has TB's subtler humor and sarcasm down. It'll be up to him to figure out how to be younger. He can do it.

Speaking of the young Albert Brooks, there he was Friday night on "The Odd Couple," which is on MeTV Friday's at 10 and 10:30. The show is among TB's very, very favorites.

The second episode Friday night was the "Mandar Cologne" episode, in which Brooks plays an advertising man who forces Felix to use Oscar as a model. It doesn't go well. Felix, frustrated, ends up informing Brooks that "Mandar Cologne smells like a World War II undershirt."

And while he's on the subject, TB would also like to throw out there that he doubts the new "Odd Couple" will be any good.

With that out of the way, TigerBlog is back to the women's hockey team.

The Princeton women are on a two-game winning streak, the momentum of which vanished after the Tigers took two weeks off for first semester exams.

Princeton's opponent in its return from exams is also on a winning streak, one that is 10 times longer than Princeton's. The Tigers will be at Boston College this afternoon at 1, and if the challenge of playing after 16 days off isn't enough, well, how about when the opponent is the No. 1 team in the country?

Boston College is 23-0-1 on the year and the winner of 20 straight. It's only blemish is a 2-2 tie against St. Lawrence back on Oct. 11, which just happened to be the same day that Princeton played Colgate - in football.

After the game against BC, Princeton will have four more ECAC weekends left, with two straight at home and then two more on the road.

It begins this weekend, when the Tigers host Dartmouth and Harvard. Colgate and Cornell are at Baker Rink next weekend.

Then it's trips to Clarkson and St. Lawrence and Yale and Brown to end the regular season.

Princeton has already played all eight of those teams once this season and went 5-3-0 in those eight games.

Unlike the men's side of the ECAC, only the top eight of 12 teams among the women get into the playoffs. Princeton is currently in sixth place, and the Tigers are comfortably ahead of ninth-place RPI (seven points) for a playoff spot.

The goal, though, is to get to the top four and host a quarterfinal series. Right now, St. Lawrence and Cornell are tied for fourth, with 18 points, leaving Princeton on the doorstep and with some huge games to play down the stretch.

Admission for all regular-season women's hockey games is free, so that's four free women's hockey games in the next two weeks.

Of course, there's also the little matter of the game today. The one against No. 1.
And the video. Make sure you check that one out too.

That was something fun for the players during their 16-day break.

Now it's time to get back to work.

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Steven Feldman '68 said...

I noticed you made a comment about discontinuing media guides in favor of video.From my standpoint, however, who has the time to sit down and watch all these videos? Granted, videos can be updated so they have their advantages but media guides are precise, very portable, read quickly, and easily whenever a moment or minutes arose when I had time to read them. Media guides also are very useful as valid, permanent, historical documents. The videos require too much concentration and focus during a busy day. I just wanted you to know that everyone is not so thrilled about the replacement of media guides with videos. I have beautiful old Princeton
football programs from almost one hundred years ago. I doubt anyone will say that they own beautiful videos one hundred years from now.