Friday, July 3, 2015

Eight Weeks To Go

For TigerBlog, the first few days of July always take him back to his days at sleepaway camp.

TigerBlog spent six summers at camp, the first five at one called Camp Toledo and then, after a year off, his last one at one called Camp Echo. Both were in the Catskills.

TigerBlog first went to camp when he was six. As he recalls, his parents were headed to a three-week vacation the next year - to Japan and other stops in the region - the following year, and they wanted to see if TB would be okay at a sleepaway camp.

When he was six, he headed off for eight weeks - and he loved it.

As he said, the first few days of July always meant heading to camp. He remembers leaving on 7/1/71 for one of those summers away. They also ran until the end of August, and BrotherBlog's birthday always seemed to come right before the end.

It was fun being a kid at camp back then. There were sports and swimming and boating. And shows and arts and crafts. And bunk inspections and pizza parties for the ones who had the cleanest bunks. And weekly trips to go bowling and roller skating.

And Color War - a three-day competition between the Blue team and the Gold team - at the end of the summers at Toledo and the Olympics - a similar competition, but between three teams named after countries - at Echo.

And girls. TigerBlog had a serious crush on a girl at Camp Echo named Randee. Not Randy or Randi but Randee. Hot.

Anyway, the first few days of July always take TigerBlog back to his camp days. He hasn't seen or heard from anyone he went to those camps with - not even Randee - in decades. He probably wouldn't know any of them - even Randee - if he stumbled over them today.

But he remembers loving his time away each summer. He has nothing but great memories of his years there.

Why wouldn't he? Those were days of great innocence, his Wonder Years days and experiences.

Today is July 3. For most people - including the staff at Princeton University - today is a day off from work. 

As an aside, if you're looking for something interesting to read about Princeton University and July 4, 1783, click HERE. It's worth it. 

Anyway, there are still summer camps like the ones he went to, TB supposes, and they're probably just getting started for another year.

As July gets underway this year, it dawns on TigerBlog that it means that the following statement is also true: The 2015-16 athletic year for Princeton Athletics begins next month.

Technically, that is correct. It's July, and the first athletic event of the new year will be in August.

Of course, such a sentiment is enough to bring eye rolls from the staff at Princeton, who is just recovering from the long 2014-15 academic year. Hey, they are very long years, and the time off in the summer is precious.

There's a lot of summer between now and the start of the new athletic year, beginning with the Fourth of July holiday weekend. There are still the bulk of summer camps at Princeton to be had as well.
TigerBlog has said this before, but he's had a great idea for a camp at Princeton. Dorm camp.

Kids come to Princeton to stay in the dorms and eat in the dining halls. They have to deposit all of their electronics in a bin when they arrive. The rules - do whatever you want, but you cannot cross any street. The entire purpose of the camp would be to encourage socialization, old fashioned socialization, like TB had at his two camps.

Great idea, no?

The first athletic event of next year is Aug. 28, with a women's soccer game against Howard. It will be the first game for new head coach Sean Driscoll.

That's still 56 days away. Or eight weeks from today.

When he says it that way, it seems like it's just around the corner.

But it isn't. It's a whole summer at sleepaway camp from now.

In the meantime, enjoy the Fourth of July weekend. 

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