Friday, September 25, 2015


Hey, where did everyone go?

For some mysterious, unknown and hopefully short-lived reason, TigerBlog readership has plummeted the last two days. Must be some strange internet disruption that TB simply missed.

What else can explain it? Numbers were very strong for most of the last few weeks, and the summer numbers set records for TigerBlog's seven-year history. That's TigerBlog the blog, not TigerBlog the person, who has been around slightly longer than seven years.

So what's up people? You think TigerBlog does this for his health?

Get back on board.

TigerBlog, on a daily basis, gets more readers than any story on TB appreciates the loyalty. Just don't make him have to scold you again.

To escape from this momentary blip, TigerBlog offers a little fun to start off today.

Fun, as in "Who's The Tiger?"

What is "Who's The Tiger?" It's sort of the toy department of the "Achieve, Serve, Lead" video series.

It's meant to be fun. And funny.

These videos are modeled on the SportsCenter commercials that have been so successful through the years. TigerBlog is guessing that Princeton Athletics is doing it on a slightly smaller budget than ESPN though.

In fact, the series is basically written, produced, filmed, dreamed up, laughed about, edited and all the rest by TigerBlog and John Bullis, Princeton's video dude.

The creative sessions go something like this: Hey, you know what would be cool? Yeah, that does sound funny. Okay.

The first one, which launches today on, features seven Princeton athletes in a library setting, studying and doing homework - in full uniforms. And, as you can see, at the far end of the table sits the Princeton Tiger.

For the record, your co-stars alongside the Tiger are football player DiAndre Atwater, men's basketball player Spencer Weisz, women's hockey player Kelsey Koelzer, field hockey player Cat Caro, women's lacrosse player Annie Woehling and wrestler Chris Perez.

The series will build to the last one, later this fall, when the identity of the Tiger is revealed. In the meantime, keep an eye out for them, and have fun with them.

The first one will be shown on the videoboard during the Princeton-Lehigh football game Saturday evening, but that's not the only reason to go to Princeton Stadium.

The day starts with Community and Staff Day, which begins at 3:30. It ends about five minutes after the football game, when the fireworks show begins.

That's a pretty good day.

In between, there's the football game.

Lehigh is 2-1, with wins over Central Connecticut and Penn and a loss to James Madison. Princeton is 1-0, with a 40-7 win over Lafayette in its opener a week ago.

Do you know how many times in the last 20 years Princeton has been 2-0? That would be three times, all in a row, in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Lehigh is 6-1 all-time on Powers Field at Princeton Stadium and is 12-3 in the last 15 meetings between the teams.

Princeton put up 573 yards of offense against Lafayette, rushing for more than 300. It was still the same Princeton offense, with three quarterbacks, including two (Kedric Bostic, John Lovett) who caught passes. Chad Kanoff was 20 for 31 for 256 yards and a TD.

In addition, Atwater showed he can do more than act in a "Who's the Tiger?" video, rushing for 93 yards on 14 carries, or 6.6 per rush. Dre Nelson went for 117 on just eight carries, or 14.5 per rush.

Princeton Stadium looks great under the lights. This is the first of two chances this season - twice in six days actually - to see a game with the lights on there.

The home opener. Fireworks. An exciting Princeton team. Community and Staff Day. The "Who's The Tiger" video on the board.

What more do you want?

Oh, and hey, let's get those blog numbers back where they belong.

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