Friday, June 10, 2016

First Place

TigerBlog read something recently that said that there are magical medical powers in avocados.

Anyone who eats them regularly will live forever. He's pretty sure that's what it said.

TigerBlog is definitely all-in on the avocado. He was even before he read the story. He just likes avocados.

Then he saw the headline on the story, which said something ambiguous, like "What Is The Effect Of Eating Lots Of Avocados On Your Health" or something like that. So it could have gone either way.

Fortunately it's good for you. Now he just needs the headline of "M&M's Proven To Cure Everything" and he'll be all set.

TB puts avocados in salads, eats it with chicken and, in his new go-to lunch, mixes it with tuna and sometimes tomato.

TigerBlog understands that not everyone is as excited about avocados. He himself cannot stand strawberries, which he thinks most people actually like a lot. To him, it's a texture thing. Or maybe it's flavor.

He's heard people say the same thing about zucchini, though for some reason TB is okay with that. So maybe it isn't the texture.

TigerBlog doesn't like nuts. Or chopped liver, even though it's a big favorite among his people.

The more he thinks about it, the more he wonders if there is a food out there that has 100% approval. There has to be something, right?

TigerBlog has said before that there is one song that everyone in the world likes, and it's "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. Why not a food?

So what is it? 

Apples? Nah. Spaghetti? No. 

Maybe cake? Everybody likes cake, right? Or is there someone out there who just doesn't like cake?

TigerBlog considers himself to be somewhat adventurous when it comes to trying new things. Take Brussels sprouts. TB hated them as a child and then tried them again in 2011, after which he wrote this:
TB ate a few of the Brussells sprouts and thought they were pretty good. Not great. But good enough that he'd eat them again. And Miss TigerBlog? She said she'd eat one for $5 and two for $8.

TigerBlog ate alligator and frogs legs in Louisiana last week. And a lot of other stuff that he doesn't normally eat. It's big-time Cajun country, and they love to eat there.

As you know, TigerBlog had a great time in Louisiana for the NCAA baseball regional. He was on the UL-Lafayette bandwagon and was rooting hard for Ragin' Cajuns after Princeton was eliminated. Unfortunately, Arizona came back and won twice on the final day to advance to the Super Regional.

TigerBlog wrote Monday about the people of Lafayette, and just how welcoming they are. When he tweeted the link to @cajunsbaseball and to the stadium Twitter itself, he figured he might get a few extra eyeballs than normal.

Until Monday, the most read single-day blog that TB has written was the one about Peter Farrell after he announced his retirement. That one had nearly 6,000 page views in one day.

The one from Monday about Lafayette?

It had more than 20,000. That's a lot of people to read one entry. In fact, TigerBlog received an email from the sports editor of the Daily Advertiser, the newspaper in Lafayette, asking for permission to put the link on their website and to reprint the piece in the newspaper itself.

TigerBlog was honored.

So anyway, that bumped Peter down to second place.

Somebody who wasn't in second place was Peter's runner, Cecilia Barowski, in the 800 meter semifinal race at the NCAA championships in Eugene, Ore., yesterday.

The pre-race fates didn't seem to be in Barowski's favor. TigerBlog doesn't completely understand how it all works, but his understanding is that because of the way the NCAA regionals went, Barowski had the bad luck of being in the same heat as the runners with the two top times in the country this year, including defending NCAA champion Raevyn Rogers of Oregon.

It had something to do with times at the regionals, which even TigerBlog is smart enough to know isn't an apples-to-apples comparison. The East regional had two heats. The West had one. The temperatures were different. Everything was different.

But it was done by the times. And as a result, Barowski had a tough heat.

To reach the final, she needed to finish in the top two of her race. Or have one of the other two best times.

So what happened? She went out and won the race outright. Beat both of them at the tape.

The Oregon fans were a bit surprised.

Of course, now Barowski will have to do it again tomorrow night in the final. Stanford's Olivia Baker, who came in third in the heat behind Barowski and Rogers, advanced to the final as well on time.

So the path to the championship won't be easy. But it would have been easy to think she wouldn't be there at all, looking at the pairings before the race.

If you want to read about it and see videos, you can click HERE.

The final is tomorrow at 4:47 Pacific time, which is 7:47 here. It's the last event of the 2015-16 academic year, and it should be a good one.

You can watch it on ESPN.

So turn on the TV. Cut up an avocado. Watch the track and live forever. 

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