Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer, In Jadwin And Abroad

Given that it's another summer Friday, TigerBlog will begin where he usually does at this time of year.

Obviously, he's going to tell you how many more weeks there are until the first event of the coming academic year. The answer would be five. That means that it's getting close to feeling like that first game, a women's soccer game against Monmouth, will be here tomorrow.

On the other hand, it's still July, the only month of the year with no Princeton Athletic events scheduled. Another hot, really really hot, Friday in July, when people's thoughts are on summer things, summer fun, summer weekends.

Does TigerBlog dare skip a day? Nah. Never. There's always something to say.

Let's see. What's been going on around here? The big event in Jadwin Gym this week was basketball camp.

Uh, was that an elite prospect camp? Nope. This was way, way better. It was little kid basketball camp.

Cute? Definitely. Especially the littlest ones. 

Kids, maybe as young as 5 or so. Basketballs. A short basket to shoot on. Princeton players as counselors. If you can watch THIS VIDEO and not smile, then you probably will for Scrooge in a few months.

Basketball camp notwithstanding, things are pretty quiet right now. TigerBlog has spent much of this week rooting for every Princetonian's favorite team at the women's lacrosse World Cup.

England, of course. England? Why? Because they're the host team? Root root root for the home team? Nope, there's more to it than that.

Clearly, TigerBlog is taking his loyalty to Ravi (Baggy) Sitlani, the English men's national team assistant coach and TB's longtime friend, seriously, right? Isn't that why he's rooting for the English women? He'll get back to that in a second.

Keeping up with recent international lacrosse history, it'll be the U.S. and Canada for the women's World Cup championship tomorrow. This could be seen as a problem for the game on the highest level.

Yes, there has been tremendous growth. Princeton is represented at the World Cup by three different countries, as a matter of fact. The number of countries who field teams at these events, on the men's side and women's side, grows each time.

There are some countries who have made big jumps onto the international scene. Israel at the men's championships. New Zealand at the current women's.

In fairness, Canada needed overtime to beat Australia yesterday in the semifinals - but Canada did win. If any team will crash the party, it seems like it'll be Australia, or, on the men's side, the Iroquois.

It's just that it seems like it's going to be awhile before it's not Canada and the U.S. in the championship of a major event. It was those two a year ago in the men's U19 championships (the U.S. won, led by leading scorer Michael Sowers). It was those two in the last women's U19 championships (Canada won) and the last men's World Championship (also Canada).

Actually, it was the U.S. and Canada in the last five men's World Championship finals. Next year in Israel? It'll be the U.S. and Canada for the title.

Trust TigerBlog on this one. If you're wondering why lacrosse isn't an Olympic sport, TB would say that this might be the biggest reason.

So why has he been rooting for England? Because the English have Princeton's Olivia Hompe.

The Irish, by the way, have Princeton's Nonie Anderson. The Italians have Kerrin Maurer, a Duke alum who has joined the Princeton coaching staff.

Speaking of Princeton's coaches, Chris Sailer and Jen Cook traveled to England to watch the games this week.

Hompe has had a great tournament, leading the English in scoring and having a four-goal game in an 8-6 loss to Canada in the round-robin portion.

Following the tournament has been relatively easy, by the way, since someone is doing an incredible job of updating the website with scores, stats and such.

Anyway, it'll be Australia and England for third place tomorrow. Much like the U.S.-Canada final, it seemed highly likely that that matchup was going to be the third-place game.

Speaking of international success and Princeton athletes, it's been a really busy week.

TigerBlog will have more next week on Princeton's success at the recently concluded Maccabiah Games in Israel.

Additionally, the World U23 rowing championships conclude Sunday in Bulgaria. There are seven Princetonians represented there.

For way more information than TigerBlog could give you, CLICK HERE.

What else can TigerBlog tell you on this Friday?

Well, here's how he ended things 52 weeks ago today:
And for you? Well, it's a summer weekend. Enjoy it. Do something fun. The first Princeton athletic event is five weeks from today.
The rest of your summer will be gone in a flash. 

And 104 weeks ago today:
Thanks for sticking with TB this far.
Now go have a great summer weekend.  

It's a common theme.

What do you have this weekend? Get outside. Go to a beach. Go water skiing if you've always wanted to, or something like that. BBQ. Go to a game. Go to a concert.

TigerBlog is pretty sure he will copy and paste that paragraph 52 weeks from today.

In the meantime, have a great weekend.

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