Friday, February 14, 2020

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

TigerBlog starts your Friday with something cute from Twitter yesterday:

Cute, right? TB wasn't kidding about that.

Did you read the letter? That's good stuff from Kennedi.

If you didn't read the letter, Kennedi is a third-grader in Kentucky who loves to play basketball. TigerBlog can't remember what he wanted to be when he was in third grade. In fact, if he had to guess, he probably didn't have any specific career in mind at that age.

Or, for that matter, any age, that he can remember. He always liked sports, and he very clearly remembers his mother's go-to line of "you can't make a living in sports."

At one point he considered being a lawyer, and he went to Penn thinking he'd end up going that route. Then he got detoured as a junior when he started covering high school football, and, well, you know the rest.

What percentage of people know what they want to do at a very, very young age and go on to do that? 
TB has no way of knowing. He's trying to think of people he knows and if they knew exactly what they wanted to do when they were Kennedi's age who actually went on to do so? He does remember when a cousin of TigerBlog Jr. and Miss TigerBlog's used to say when she was 10 or so that she wanted to grow up, attend the Naval Academy, learn to fly and be a pilot. She has since gone on to attend the Naval Academy, learn to fly and become a pilot.

For the most part though, TB isn't sure how people end up doing the things they do. In his case, it was a combination of randomness (meeting someone in college whose brother was a local sportswriter) and aptitude (he's sort of wired for this he guesses). Maybe that's how it works for a lot of people?

Maybe Kennedi will be a teacher. And a college basketball player.

It's a big weekend for the Princeton version of her favorite sport, and for a lot of Princeton sports.

Starting with women's basketball, the Tigers are at Yale tonight at 6. The Tigers, ranked 25th in the national coaches' poll this week, are 5-0 in the league, followed by Yale at 5-1. The Bulldogs, who lost to Harvard last Friday, also own a win over North Carolina earlier this year.

The league reaches its halfway point this weekend, so there's obviously a long way to go. Still, there is a two-game drop from the top four to the next four in the league, which makes it seem like the four teams in the Ivy tournament are starting to become clear.

As far as the league race goes, the game tonight in New Haven is huge. Should Princeton win, it would have no losses and every other team would have at least two (Penn and Harvard have two now). Should Yale win, the Bulldogs would be 6-1, compared to Princeton's 5-1.

This game matches the highest scoring team in the league (Yale averages 73.6 points per game) and No. 1 scoring defense team in the league - and in all of Division I (Princeton allows 48.1 per game).

The men are home against Yale tonight and Brown tomorrow night, with tipoff tonight at 7 and tomorrow at 6.

Unlike the women, there are five men's teams fairly closely bunched, with Princeton and Yale at the top at 5-1, with Penn and Brown next at 4-2 and Harvard at 3-3.

By the way, Princeton's three leading scorers are Jaelin Llewellyn (14.3), Richmond Aririguzoh (13.4) and Ryan Schweiger (12.6). The last time Princeton had its third-leading scorer average at least 12.6 per game was in 2011, when the three leaders were Kareem Maddox (13.8), Ian Hummer (also 13.8) and Dan Mavraides (12.7). That team won the Ivy League title and lost by two to Kentucky in the NCAA tournament.

If TB is counting correctly, then 17 Princeton teams will compete in 29 events this weekend.

The wrestling team is home against Penn tomorrow at noon in a match that would either give Princeton the outright Ivy League title with a win or a co-championship with Cornell with a Penn win.

The women's tennis team, ranked ninth in the country (that's the Tigers' highest ranking ever), is home for matches tomorrow against Towson and FDU, and there is home men's hockey against St. Lawrence and Clarkson. The whole schedule is HERE.

Oh, and it's also opening weekend for lacrosse season. The men are home against Monmouth tomorrow at 1, and the women are at Temple at the same time.

Lacrosse season already. TB almost forgot all about that.

Well, no, not really.

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