Saturday, October 11, 2008

LIVE UPDATES: Football vs. Colgate

Updated 3:31 pm

On a 4th and 2, Colgate had a miscue on the handoff and fell on the ball in its own backfield. Princeton takes over at its own 34 with 4:42 left. Check back with for a full report afterwards, and you can hear the live audio on the Princeton web site as well.

Updated 3:20 pm

A thrilling Princeton drive evens the score at 24-24 with 9:23 left. On 3rd-and-really-long in its own territory, Anderson went for a deep pass to Thanheiser, but was bumped by a blocked defender on the throw. The ball sailed high and slightly shorter than the route called for, but Thanheiser saw it first, came back and caught it in the middle of the field for a 41-yard catch.

A long run by Culbreath got the ball to the 3, and then a play-action fake opened a touchdown pass to Billy Mitchell for his first score since the 2006 Columbia game. Princeton went for 2 and the offensive line gave great protection to Anderson, who waited for Thanheiser to come across the field and get open for the catch.

Colgate just got a controversial pass interference call against Cart Kelly on third down to continue the drive. There is 8:20 left, and we'll probably have one more update before heading to the field.

Updated 3:09 pm

Colgate drove 91 yards and got a 24-yard field goal from Jacob Stein to build an 8-point lead. Scott and Sullivan dominated the drive on the ground, but Princeton was able to keep Colgate out of the end zone. There is 12:04 remaining in the game.

Updated 3:03 pm

It took until late in the third quarter, but we've finally had a punt. Princeton's Ryan Coyle just pinned Colgate at the 2-yard-line, although the Raiders just got their first first down on the drive. This would be a bad time for a long, time-consuming scoring drive.

Colgate could have had much better field position, but Culbreath took a 3rd-and-20 option pitch 36 yards when Princeton was deep in its own end. He has 122 yards rushing at this point.

Updated 2:49 pm

Colgate goes back in front 21-16 as Jordan Scott scores from one yard out. The Raiders came out with a 13-play, 86-yard drive and hit a couple of lob passes to Pat Simonds, who at 6-6 had four inches on Dan Kopolovich and caught the ball high in the air. Colgate QB Greg Sullivan has an accurate arm and a brilliant play-action fake, the latter of which helped him on a couple of quarterback keepers throughout the drive.

Updated 2:08 pm

Big swings of momentum for both sides. Anderson threw his first real interception of the season (the only other one came on a Hail Mary against The Citadel), and Colgate returned it to Princeton territory. The Raiders got into the red zone, but Steven Cody recorded a huge sack that basically left Colgate with a long field goal opportunity. A miscue on the snap may have thrown off the timing, and the kick sailed wide left.

Princeton took the ball down the field in the final two minutes of the half and scored on a 24-yard run by Anderson, who pulled the ball down on 3rd and long and sprinted up the middle of the field for the first down. But instead of sliding, he simply barreled through a trio of Colgate defenders and driving himself into the end zone. There was some extra activity afterwards, which left Princeton attempting a 35-yard extra point. Roger Hughes called on Ben Bologna, the kickoff specialist, and Bologna sent it through.

A very exciting first half ends Princeton 16 - Colgate 14.

Updated 1:50 pm

And now the video is back up. Ask and you shall receive!

Updated 1:47 pm

The video feed at Colgate is down and is being worked on, so if you aren't seeing the game on TigerZone, it isn't your computer. We'll try to keep you updated.

Jordan Scott just scored from two yards out to become the all-time leading scorer in the Patriot League. 14-9 Colgate with 9:31 left. Offenses have been ahead of the defenses so far.

Updated 1:43 pm

Princeton leads 9-7 at the end of the first quarter, as Culbreath becomes the first Princeton player with touchdowns in four straight games since 2003 with a 15-yard run. He ended the quarter with 53 rushing yards and a touchdown, and he added a 20-yard catch, which he tipped about three times in the air before catching, to convert on third down. The Princeton offense has looked very crisp so far. Connor Louden's PAT was blocked ... after challenging for the Princeton record with 56 straight, he has now had his last two blocked.

Updated 1:34 pm

Colgate took a 7-3 lead on a 12-play, 66-yard drive. Scott was the leader on the drive, but on 4th-and-goal at the 2, he played decoy. Greg Sullivan faked a handoff to the left, rolled right and found Adrien Schriefer in the right side of the end zone. It was Schriefer's third catch of the season, and all have been touchdowns. Princeton had two pass interference calls on it during the drive, an unusual circumstance for the least-penalized team in the league.

Updated 1:23 pm

Princeton opens with a nice scoring drive and a 3-0 lead. Culbreath looked good on a couple early runs, and Brian Anderson hit Will Thanheiser on a crossing pattern to get deeper into Colgate territory. The Raiders got a tackle for loss on an option, which stopped the drive, but Connor Louden drilled a career-long 40-yard field goal to give Princeton a 3-0 lead.

Updated 1:07 pm

Welcome to beautiful Hamilton, N.Y., where the temperature is in the mid-60s, the leaves are changing and there isn't a cloud in the sky. It may be rough in these parts during the winter months, but you can't beat it in mid-October.

Princeton is in its all-white jerseys, black numbers and orange trim, while Colgate has the maroon jerseys with white numbers and gray pants. The Tigers won the toss and elected to receive. The final non-league game of the season is about to kick off, and it looks like a battle of Jordans. Princeton's Culbreath probably won't match Colgate's Scott, the NCAA rushing leader, but if he can stay close, it would be a big boost for the Tigers.

Live updates throughout the game...

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