Monday, April 8, 2013

Not Mad

Try as he has, TigerBlog just can't get into "Mad Men."

Last night was the season premiere of Season 6, and again, it wasn't doing it for TB.

He's not sure why. It seems like it would be something he would like. Set in the ’60s, which takes him back to his earliest memories. Intriguing characters. A mix of funny and serious.

Nope, it's just not doing it for him.

Maybe it's because he didn't jump on from the beginning or because he hasn't even seen every episode. Then again, that didn't stop him from completely catching up on a show like "Two And A Half Men," which he is pretty much up-to-date on.

Maybe it's all the smoking. Maybe he just doesn't have a can't-miss character on the show.

Last night, TB was half paying attention to the new season while he was doing his pregame story for the Princeton-Rutgers men's lacrosse game, which comes up tomorrow night in Piscataway.

Anyway, while "Mad Men" droned on about something in Hawaii and some missing kid who didn't get into Julliard and something else about headphones, TB was more focused on the game tomorrow night.

As such, he was back-and-forth on Princeton's website and Rutgers' website. As is usually the case, he was easily distracted.

And why wouldn't he be? The baseball story on Princeton's site from Sunday was ridiculous.

Princeton put up 32 runs in two games at Harvard and yet only came away with a split. The Tigers won Game 1 13-1 and then lost Game 2 20-19.

Game 1 took 1:47 to play. Game 2? How about 3:58?

And why wouldn't it? The teams combined for 39 runs (not a record), 38 hits and nine errors in the second game. Of the 18 times at-bat, there were seven half-innings with at least three runs scored.

Of the 38 hits, 29 were singles. There were also 24 men left on base. Princeton trailed 17-15 entering the ninth inning and then scored four times to go up 19-17, only to see Harvard come back to win.

The Ivy League baseball and softball races are two weekends old and has three weekends left. There are few league sports that compare when it comes to how quickly it all unfolds.

So far, the teams have all played twice against the four teams in the other division. The next three weekends will see back-to-back doubleheaders each weekend against the other other three division opponents.

The Gehrig Division in baseball (in softball it's just North and South) is the stronger of the two apparently, as all four teams are over .500. In the Rolfe Division, no team is.

Princeton, Penn and Cornell are all 5-3, one game behind 6-2 Columbia. Princeton is at Penn next week for four.

The same is true in softball, where Princeton will be at Penn for four games.

The Tigers are two games behind the Quakers, who are 7-1 in the league. Columbia and Cornell are each 4-4. 

In the North, Dartmouth and Harvard are 4-4 , with Yale at 3-5 and Brown at 1-7.

The divisional winners in both sports meet in the Ivy League Championship Series, and the winner of that gets the league spot in the NCAA tournament.

The races are sprints, with 20 games in five weekends. Clearly every game is big, and this is an exceptionally big weekend for both Princeton teams.

TB was able to catch up on all this last night, while "Mad Men" once again was sort of white noise in the background.

And so he was able to get his work done.

Would he ever dream of doing that during the first episode of the new season of "Homeland?" Are you insane?

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