Friday, April 12, 2013

TigerBlog Country Club

TigerBlog's can't-miss money-making plan is to have a four-hole golf course.

Four holes. A par 3, two par 4's and a par 5. Come to TBCC (TigerBlog Country Club), play four holes in less than an hour and be on your way.

TigerBlog has never been a huge golf fan, for a bunch of reasons. It's expensive. It's frustrating. He's not very good at it.

For all that, his No. 1 complaint has always been that it takes way too long. Like more than four hours worth.

By the time TB reaches the 12th or 13th hole, he's completely done.

So why not a four-hole course? It's perfect.

TB's attitude towards playing golf isn't that much different than his attitude towards watching it on television.

A few holes is okay. To watch 18? Way too much.

This weekend is The Masters. MotherBlog, at one point, lived in Augusta, Ga., for a year.

TB, when he went to visit her there, drove past the country club, like basically everyone else who goes to Augusta must. And, like everyone else, TB looked out the window and said "this is it?"

From the outside, Augusta National looks like nothing special. On purpose, TB assumed.

Anyway, all TB knows about The Masters is that he's rooting for anyone except for Tiger Woods.

Who's he rooting for this weekend?

Lots of Tigers. Hey, it's a spring Ivy weekend. Princeton must have 100 teams playing.

Oh, and he was rooting for an all ECAC final at the Frozen Four, which, when he first saw the field, seemed like one of those Christmas tournaments, or a round-robin where Yale and Quinnipiac got two teams to come to New Haven.

Anyway, the biggest event on Princeton's campus this weekend is probably the men's tennis match between Princeton and Harvard, who happen to be the last two unbeaten teams in the Ivy League. The teams face each other tomorrow at 2; Dartmouth is at Princeton Sunday.

By the way, all eight Ivy men's tennis teams are at least .500 overall, which could explain why so many Ivy matches end up 4-3 one way or the other.

The women's lacrosse team hosts Harvard tomorrow at 1 in a game that begins a huge eight-day stretch for the Tigers. Or actually a nine-day stretch, if you count tonight, when Dartmouth plays at Penn, which is followed by Princeton at Penn Wednesday and then Princeton at Dartmouth a week from tomorrow.

Right now, Princeton, Penn and Dartmouth are all unbeaten in the league. Every other team has at least two losses.

The baseball and softball teams are at Penn for four games, two each tomorrow and Sunday.

This is the first weekend of inter-divisional games in the two sports.

Princeton and Penn are tied, with Cornell, at 5-3 in the league, one game behind Columbia, in the Gehrig Division baseball race.

On the softball side, Princeton is two games back of first-place Penn in the South Division, so obviously these four games are somewhat important.

There is also golf, rowing, men's lacrosse, women's tennis, track and field, water polo and volleyball.

It's a typical spring weekend.

When it's over, if you need to relax, come play four holes at TBCC.

Oh wait. It's not open yet.

Oh well. He can dream.

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Anonymous said...

If you're looking for someone to support in the Masters, go with Keegan Bradley, the former St. John's player who - five years ago tomorrow - won the 2008 Princeton Invitational.