Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Look for Jadwin Gym

Visitors to Jadwin Gym this year will notice some aesthetic changes as the venerable arena celebrates its 40th season in 2008-09.

The basketball floor was buffed clean and repainted in late summer with a new design. There are also 18 banners now hanging above the court, as seen in the picture.

The foreground row represents Princeton's 25 men's Ivy League titles, half of the 50 that have been awarded since Princeton's first one in 1959. The next row honors the 1975 men's NIT champions, the 1967 men's NCAA East Regional team, Bill Bradley's soon-to-be retired No. 42 to be unveiled Friday night, and the 1965 NCAA Final Four team on which Bradley played.

The next row has four banners recognizing the 23 NCAA Tournament appearances Princeton has earned. The last row, left to right, notes the six Eastern Intercollegiate Basketball League titles the men won from 1922 to 1955, a 1996 WNIT appearance by the women's basketball team, seven Ivy League women's titles between two banners, and the five men's NIT appearances Princeton has made between 1972 and 2002.

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Anonymous said...

While it is nice to see the banners, do have to laugh at the over-use of the Happy Tiger head, when you see all of the banners hanging up there together. Not unlike the logo for Tiger Noodles on Nassau Street!

This is particularly noticeable when you then look down to center court where is also is emblazoned, and then to the "new, approved" silhouette shown on the goal stanchions-- yet another rendition of the tiger offered by Athletics.

And then you can also see the awful Leaping Tiger along the sidelines that was so over-used a decade ago.

Talk about a visual and design mish-mash. At least they didn't use the gawd-awful Chia Tigers that deface the north end of the stadium.

My guess is that Women's basketball is represented on the west side of the gym, and that side obviously is pretty barren.