Friday, March 27, 2009

Flipping Off, And Other Thoughts

So, for $132, you can change the way you do business as well (and some other thoughts) ...

* If you read the release on about the men's hockey team's practice day at the NCAA tournament, you might have noticed the three embedded youtube clips as well. This is the first Office of Athletic Communications attempt at incorporating our newest purchase into our day-to-day (or week-to-week) offerings on the Website. The video comes courtesy of OAC contact Yariv Amir, who has enveiled the OAC's newest toy, a $132 flip camera. TigerBlog actually got the idea from ESPNU, which sent a flip camera last week to be given to one of the men's lacrosse players (in this case, Greg Seaman) to chronicle his week prior to the Albany game. As the communications business continues to move away from printed materials and more and more to video that can provide a direct connection to the product, the OAC is trying to keep up. The plan now is to give the flip camera to a different athlete to take on the road each weekend and then post what they come back with. We'll see how it goes, but the potential is there for this to be a pretty good way for Princeton fans to really get to know the athletes.

* In other evolving information updates, it's twitter at

* Speaking of hockey, the NCAA tournament game against Minnesota-Deluth can be heard live on WPRB FM 103.3 and seen live on ESPNU (a viewing party is being held in the Frist Campus Center) at 9 pm tonight (Friday). Should Princeton win, the second round game will be tomorrow night, at nine as well, on the same radio and TV outlets. In addition, the men's lacrosse game against Yale can be heard on WPRB FM 103.3 tomorrow at 1 from Reese Stadium in New Haven. FInally, the women's water polo match against Bucknell tomorrow at 11 (part of a full weekend of water polo) will be televised live on ESPNU; it's the first women's water polo match for ESPNU.

* Unlike today's sunny and 65 degree forecast, the weather for the weekend is iffy for this area. This could make the Ivy League openers for baseball and softball difficult. One of the great parts about lacrosse (and there are many) is that the game in New Haven will be played tomorrow, rain or not (might be delayed if there's lightning). Baseball and softball are at the mercy of the weather. If it cooperates, you have Yale at Princeton tomorrow and Brown at Princeton Sunday for both baseball (beginning at 12) and softball (beginning at 12:30). Admission is free.

* The first Saturday of the rowing season is tomorrow in another sport that will be unaffected by rain. TigerBlog remembers back to his reporter days when then-women's coach Dan Roock took TB out on the launch to watch the races, which is the best way to do it. Still, even though the land-locked can't see much of the boats on the water, there are few events that measure up to a Saturday of rowing. Each team has its followers. There's plenty of food around. The finish line buzzes every time a race is ending. Princeton hosts races pretty much every weekend, beginning with this one.

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