Thursday, September 17, 2009

Podcast 101

As TigerBlog HQ continues its head-first drive into 21st century technology, another new concept debuted this morning on It is TigerCast (who would have guessed that name?), the official podcast of Princeton athletics.

For some of you, question #1 is simple: what is a podcast?

A podcast is a free audio production that can be downloaded for free on your computer. On our site, there is a "New To Podcast" page that is a great resource for first-time users who aren't sure how to get the program on their computer.

TB hopes the podcast can provide yet another source of information and entertainment concerning the world of Princeton Athletics. Since it is an audio show, it doesn't demand your full attention; instead, you can download and listen while doing other things at work or at home. This particular TigerBlogger has spent numerous hours of work with a different Bill Simmons podcast in the background; honestly, it was probably during one of them that the TigerCast concept was first hatched.

Every week, TB wants to bring you a little closer to the people who make Princeton athletics what it is: the coaches and student-athletes. As TigerCast goes, we hope to bring some former Princeton greats to your computer as well. When a new show is posted, will announce it and give a brief timeline of the program, so you can go directly to a specific interview if that is what you are most interested in.

TigerCast will begin with a brief overview of the current status of Princeton athletics; with a Thursday target each week, the show can look back at the previous weekend while focusing more on upcoming events.

Like TigerBlog itself, which is viewed far more today than it was one year or even six months ago, TB HQ is hoping the loyal fans of Princeton athletics find TigerCast to supplement everything else we do and add to your overall enjoyment of the 38 varsity programs here.

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