Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Big Hole

The overwhelming majority of content that you see on and is produced by four people: Andrew Borders, Kristy McNeil, Craig Sachson and Yariv Amir.

Between the four of them, 36 of Princeton's 38 varsity teams gets covered. TigerBlog covers one sport (men's lacrosse), and the whole group splits sprint football.

As an aside, happy birthday to Andrew today.

The first Princeton athletic events of the 2010-11 academic year come up three weeks from tomorrow, when the women's soccer and women's volleyball teams begin. By the end of that weekend, field hockey and men's water polo will also have played.

Every year, everybody everywhere says the same thing: "Can't believe how fast the summer went." And, again, all around here, someone is currently saying that right now.

In fact, it does feel like the summer of 2010 has sort of zoomed by. The last Princeton athletic event of 2009-10 was two months ago today, when Ashley Higginson finished third at the NCAA steeplechase.

The last game of 2009-10 was the men's lacrosse NCAA tournament loss to Notre Dame, a game played on May 16.

That leaves you with a gap of either 110 days between games or 83 between the last event of last year and the first of this year. Since there are 22 days until the new year starts, then either 80% or 74.5% of the summer is already gone.

This time of year is one of the more interesting around here, as the rest of Division I athletics is already in practice mode, while the Ivy League doesn't get started until next week. As such, there is the sense that a new year is looming, but it hasn't exactly gotten here yet.

By the time next year ends, Princeton's teams will have played in more than 600 athletic contests, which means that the four OAC people who do most of the work will have written preview stories, game stories, feature stories and such and produced videos, podcasts, game programs and everything else that goes along with the territory for, to some extent, every one of those events.

But for right now, things are still a little quiet around here.

And so it was yesterday that Yariv's wife Beth and his two little girls, Morgen and Alie, where in the office, when Yariv suggested that they go see "the big hole."

TB thought about it a little and came up with nothing, so he asked Yariv what he meant. Yariv then explained that "the big hole" was the DeNunzio Pool, which had been drained for maintenance, painting, etc. Apparently this happens once every three years.

Turns out that to fill DeNunzio Pool, it takes 1.3 million gallons of water, most of which is pumped through a system on the bottom of the pool and some of which came out of the eight, well, garden hoses that were in the pool as it began to be refilled yesterday afternoon.

By the way, the average backyard pool needs about 25,000 gallons of water to be filled.

And so, off went the Amir family to check out the empty pool.

For a midweek day in mid-August, it's what amounted to exciting around here.

Give it a week, though, and all of that will be changing.

Hey, the summer flew by, right?

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