Friday, July 15, 2011

A Friday In July

The weather could not have been more perfect around here the last few days. Temperatures in the low 80s, not much humidity.

Last night at the pool, it was on the fringes of being chilly, with a low of 64.

It felt like September, not mid-July. It had the feel of an early-season sporting event on one of those days that reminds you that it's not quite fall yet but that the hottest days of summer are past.

In reality, it's still early summer, and five of the next 10 days in the forecast have temps in the 90s.

The midway point between the last athletic event of last academic year and the first athletic event of 2011-12 is actually still eight days away. For the record, Sept. 2 is opening day, with games in men's and women's soccer and field hockey.

There are few days in the world of college athletics quieter than a Friday in July.

Forget Saturdays during the school year. Sundays during the school year are way busier than Fridays in July.

TigerBlog remembers how FatherBlog would take most Fridays in the summer off from work, and there are many who follow that same plan to get a jump on the summer weekend. Were it up to TB, he'd take off every Wednesday in the summer instead of Fridays, since then he'd never work more than two straight days and, presumably, your average summer attraction is less crowded on a Wednesday than a Friday.

Actually, Lot 21 is actually jammed today, since there is a football camp going on outside and, TB thinks, a youth squash tournament going on inside.

Of course, there is work being done around here. At least TB assumes there is.

It's just quiet, that's all. And nothing seems to be all that pressing, as opposed to the non-stop crunch of college athletics in-season.

So far today, TB has had a talk with a co-worker about her upcoming 50th high school reunion. There was an impromptu "meeting" to decide a fairly trivial matter, and most of the meeting was spent talking about the story about the guy who did the "World Triathlon" and how hilarious the comments were.

Somehow, this segued into the fact that Douglas Davis' shot against Harvard made the ESPY's Top 10 Plays of the Year.

As an aside, the best person at doing "Plays of the Week/Year/Month/Day" ever has been, for TB's money, Warner Wolf. TigerBlog remembers watching one time when Angels' manager Cookie Rojas was ejected from a game in Yankee Stadium for arguing that it was raining too hard to continue playing, and he was tossed by all four umpires at the same time when he came out of the dugout with an umbrella.

What else?

TigerBlog has to finish the Year in Review for 2010-11 and some other written pieces for the annual fundraising calendar. He also wants to get the men's lacrosse recruiting class on the webpage and write up something about men's lacrosse All-America Chad Wiedmaier's coming trip to Africa.

Still, none of those are totally pressing for today at least.

On the other side of campus, Little Miss TigerBlog is at the summer camp at Dillon Gym. Yesterday was '80s day, and LMTB went with a "Flashdance" look, even though she had no idea that a movie of that name ever was made. In fact, she often refers to TB's tastes in music and movies as "not from this millennium."

Fridays at the camp feature the big dance competition, in which the three age groups - the 6s, the 7/8s and the 9/10s - all compete to be that week's winner. Apparently, LMTB needed hula skirts for today.

When TB dropped LMTB off this morning, Craig Schwartz, the camp director, asked him what he was going to be writing about today.

TB asked Schwartz was he'd recommend, and Schwartz ran through a few subjects. Most of them required way too much thought. So did some of the others that TB had in mind, so he'll just table them for today.

It's too quiet a day for that.

So TB will get back to the waiting stress-free tasks.

That's how it is on a Friday in July.

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