Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chicken Parm

TigerBlog thinks Colin Cowherd, who does an ESPN radio show during the mid-day, is pretty funny.

TB heard him yesterday as he talked about how men and women take different approaches to things like food and clothes. He mentioned that he's done a show ("SportsNation") on TV with a woman whose name TB didn't get and that in all the years they've been on together, she's "never worn the same outfit twice, while I wear the same sport coat three times a week."

He mentioned that women are mortified when they're wearing the same thing as someone else at an event, whereas men say things like "hey, we're wearing the same thing, cool."

He talked about how when he goes out to dinner, his wife is always telling him to order something different and how she agonizes as she looks at the menu. Then, when it comes time, he orders the same thing always: "chicken parm. And I look around the restaurant, and every guy is eating chicken parm."

Cowherd did this in the context of talking about how men are creatures of habit and how it was a habit to watch Tiger Woods on the final day of a major golf tournament. Now that Tiger isn't the force he used to be, men have moved on to a different habit, and that's why nobody is watching golf anymore.

He might have mentioned that when one player becomes bigger than the sport itself, as Woods did, and then that player comes crashing down in the manner in which Woods did, then the sport has a hard time building itself back up.

As an aside, Harvey Yavener, longtime Trenton Times writer, said that Class of 1952 Stadium, with its proximity to the trees and the nickname of the home team, should be nicknamed "Tiger Woods."

TigerBlog used to root for Tiger Woods in the same way he'd root for Michael Jordan, because of the sheer greatness of his performance.

He wouldn't go out of his way to watch the last round of a major tournament the way he would, say, a big NFL game, but he would make it a point to see if Woods could notch another one (tournament, not bimbo - who knew at the time?).

Like many, TB no longer watches much golf, if any. It's much different than the post-Jordan basketball era or anything else that TB can think of, the way a sport dropped off the map so drastically because of one athlete's downfall.

The PGA Championship this past weekend was golf's fourth and final major of the year, and like the Masters, the U.S. Open and the British Open, TB watched none of it.

The winner was someone random guy, whose name was Keegan Bradley, someone TB had never heard of.

In fact, it was Monday morning that TB-Baltimore emailed TB and mentioned how Keegan Bradley had shot a 75 at Springdale on the Princeton campus and that since TB-Baltimore once shot a 76, he was in line to win a major tournament.

And that's when TigerBlog first heard about Keegan Bradley, who it turns out was five shots down with three holes to go Sunday before he won the PGA.

Going back three years, Bradley led St. John's to the championship at the Princeton Invitational at Springdale. TB is pretty sure TB-Baltimore was the golf contact at the time, which would have meant that he wrote this:
St. John's held off Princeton and George Mason as the Princeton Invitational concluded Sunday afternoon at Springdale Golf Club as the Red Storm won by four shots.
St. John's finished at +17 as a team while Princeton and George Mason ended at +21. A pair of St. John's golfers, Keegan Bradley and Evan Beirne, tied for the individual title at -2, one shot ahead of Temple's Paul Amess.

Bradley, not that long ago, shot a 70-66-75 to tie Beirne, who went 70-68-73 for his three rounds.

Beirne, by the way, shot a 58 at the New Haven Country Club and recently turned pro himself.

TigerBlog has no way of knowing if Bradley is the only player ever to win a major championship and play at Springdale.

He does know that the connection made the accomplishment way more interesting to TigerBlog. And if he'd known it in advance, he might have watched the final round.

Only he didn't know, so he didn't watch.

Though he might have been eating chicken parm at the time.

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