Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Homeland" And Women's Basketball: A Guest TB From TC

The Princeton women's basketball team usually starts four seniors. It's another senior, one who comes off the bench, who has volunteered a guest TigerBlog to discuss the women's basketball team's obsession with "Homeland."

Amanda Roman was first introduced on TigerBlog before she even took her first class, back when she was an incoming freshman. TB had actually connected Amanda to the women's basketball coaching staff as a possible team manager, and the result has been an A+ for everyone involved.

The women's basketball team has gotten Amanda, who along with her fellow manager Jordyn Seni has been an invaluable addition to the team during games and practices and in various other administrative ways. Their personalities, Amanda and Jordyn, are very much intertwined into the fabric of the team's amazing chemistry, which, in TigerBlog's short time as the women's basketball contact last season, is impossible to miss.

During her time with the women's basketball team, Amanda - a Long Island native - has traveled the country and the world (as part of the trip to France and Senegal in 2011), and in fact right now is with the team in Illinois as it prepares to play two games there. She has also been to three NCAA tournaments, and the Tigers are the league favorite again this year.

Her experience with the women's basketball team has greatly shaped her overall Princeton education, and it has opened the door to friendships that will last forever. 

The competitions and practices and conditioning sessions are a huge part of the time that teams spend together, but championships can also be built at other times, like Sunday nights in front of the television. And, for the Princeton women's basketball team, the extraordinary show "Homeland" has been a staple.

Amanda, who chose to call herself "Tiger Cub" as a take-off of TigerBlog, offers a recap of this past Sunday night, and does so without giving away any of the key moments from the show, for those who haven't seen it yet:

When 11:05 p.m. rolled around this past Sunday, there came with it a conflicting sense of fulfillment and emptiness.

Tiger Cub and the rest of the women’s basketball team’s “9 to 11 club” sat in a silence only broken by Kate Miller’s poignant “That’s it?” And then the predictions for next season began as we waited for previews that obviously never came.

Our Sunday’s highlighted by "Homeland" have sustained us through the rigorous fall semester. No matter how many papers we had to write, tests to study for, early morning lifts to get up for—the greatest show on television brought us together and made us whole.

It begins at 9 with ABC’s "Revenge," which brings a majority of the team together.

Our only rules: bring food, someone take a team Boba order and send it to the freshmen, no speaking (a three-strike rule that TC almost got kicked out for breaking a couple of times), and first-come, first-served in terms of seating.

Once "Revenge" ends, the stragglers leave and the dedicated "Homeland" crew holds its ground, grabbing newly freed bed and futon space. The no speaking rule remains, but there’s no worry anymore—this group is all business from 10 to 11.

This Sunday was bittersweet as we sat on the edge of our seats with seemingly no action for the first half of the show.

TC compared it to Paranormal Activity—keeping you on the edge of your seat with the mundane actions of everyday life until the last 10 minutes - when it ends with a bang.

And boy did it ever.

While last season didn’t end with the explosion TC sadistically hoped for (mostly to prove Carrie right of course), this season did not disappoint. Without spoiling the show for everyone who hasn’t seen it yet, the club was pleased to see that the show seems to be set up nicely for a third season.

We are also taking suggestions for what to do on Sunday nights now because schoolwork is just not as attractive an option.

All of this Sunday night bonding got TC thinking about character comparisons, and here are a few she came up with.

First of all, even though TC got the greatest Secret Santa present ever that put her on the Homeland poster as Carrie (see image, credit Kate Miller), the only person who could possibly rival Carrie with her equally blond hair and similar neurosis is alum Laura Johnson. Niveen is Abu Nazir—a strong, fearless leader and of course, our resident Arab, though minus the murderous tendencies. 

Mariah Smith is a mix between David Estes and Tom Walker; a little mysterious, a little evil. Kate Miller is our wise old soul and is ready to take over the CIA as Saul Berenson (‘Manny Patinkin, holla’).

We’ll put Nicole Hung in as our realist Dana and even though she leaves after "Revenge," Blake Dietrick is Brody’s son Chris as both of them have the same favorite phrase; “This is awesome!”

Nobody has the neck to pull off Jessica and we’ll let Mike live on as everyone’s favorite under-the-radar character in "Mean Girls." 

As for TC, she’d like to compare herself to Quinn, who revealed himself as a good guy and a true badass in this season’s finale. Like Quinn, TC is also not afraid to stand up to authority—just ask TigerBlog.

Quinn of course brings us to our favorite comparison of all. Quinn Epperly is our leading man, Nicholas Brody. We give him a lot of flack for this carbon copy similarity but hey, Damian Lewis was named one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive so its not a terrible comparison.

And of course Princeton women's basketball embodies the whole nature of this instant classic—we come on strong and hope to sustain the momentum for another season. Can’t wait to see how our season unfolds, especially for this group of seniors—TC predicts they too will go out with a bang.

Hold on, got to get the door—Annie is here with our Boba.

And so Tiger fans, one season ends and one begins.  See you at Jadwin!

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