Friday, September 13, 2013

Not Yet

TigerBlog was just procrastinating. He does that sometimes. Actually, he does that a lot.

For instance, even as we speak, TigerBlog has a load of laundry in his dryer that he has not yet folded, though each of the last two mornings he has taken what's he's needed out of the dryer and left the rest, to be folded at another point in time.

That's quality procrastinating.

As for today, Bob Surace came in about 45 minutes ago, did some dance about the Yankees while singing their theme song (the best thing about the Yankees, by the way, is that song) and then used a PG-13 rated word to describe this weekend for an Ivy League football coach.

Ah, but before TB started down the path of agreeing with Surace, he flipped around the web for a little while.

The high point might have been when he read the New York Post headline "Beauty Queen - Miss America 'Fat As Bleep.' " TB didn't read any further; he didn't have to.

The low point was when he found out the Jumble page is under construction and today's puzzle couldn't be played. What does he do about that?

Somewhere in the middle was the story about how Raiders' kicker Sebastian Janikowski was angry because the kicker for the Jaguars said that Janikowski had told him that roots against the A's because the sooner the baseball season ends, the quicker the dirt infield is gone and Janikowski doesn't have to worry about not kicking on grass. Janikowski said he never said that.

The surprising part for TB was the idea that the Raiders and A's are the only football/baseball teams that share a stadium.

When TB was a kid, almost everyone in the NFL shared a stadium with a Major League Baseball team.

The Jets and Mets shared Shea Stadium. The Yankees and Giants shared Yankee Stadium.

The Phillies and Eagles were the Vet. The Steelers and Pirates were at Three Rivers. The Reds and Bengals played at Riverfront. The Orioles and Colts played at Memorial Stadium.

Pick a city. The teams were co-tenants.

Then the whole smaller, baseball-only revolution began, followed by football teams with gigantic stadiums that don't exactly bring cities their money's worth. If they're lucky, they're used 40-50 times a year.

The dirt infield covering the football field was a staple of NFL games in September. These days, that only happens in Oakland.

Football season starts in high school and college in August. The NFL is in Week 2.

The Ivy League? Nope. A week away.

This is always the toughest week for league teams, who are ready to finally get to play someone else but have to wait one more week to get started.

TigerBlog's idea is a great one.

Start this weekend. Play five weeks in a row. Take Week 6 off. Play five more weeks. That's 10 games, 11 weeks, one week for everyone to rest in mid-season.

If it ever came to be that an 11th game was added, then the season could start a week earlier still. The idea of having the whole league off in the middle is perfect for resting and healing.

Not that it isn't a busy weekend for Princeton sports.

Among the highlights:

* women's soccer at Seton Hall tonight after being postponed last night by thunderstorms and then  Sunday at Rutgers

* men's soccer at Rutgers tonight and home with Seton Hall Sunday

* field hockey home with Michigan State tonight and Penn State Sunday

* sprint football at Mansfield tomorrow at 7:30, on ESPN3 no less

* men's water polo all weekend, with the 6:30 game tonight against Santa Clara on ESPNU

There's also about 1,000 college football games on television and the NFL weekend, minus last night's horrible Jets-Pats game.

Just no Ivy League football just yet.

They'll get around to that next week.

And TB? He'll get around to folding his laundry at some point.

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Nassau83 said...

This almost seems like nostalgia for a time when teams from different sports shared stadiums. How many different Princeton sports still share facilities? The increase of sport-specific venues at Princeton seems to be very similar to that which TB describes re: Pro baseball and football. Water Polo and Swimming/Diving share a facility for competitions and practices - do any other varsity sports share facilities? (and this does not include M/W sharing for the same sport - though it may be worth noting that baseball and softball each have their own facilities.)