Thursday, October 15, 2015

Updated Standings

Miss TigerBlog's day yesterday started with the PSATs.

TigerBlog did well on the test all those years ago. If you're a Princeton alum, you probably did a little bit better, since TB is merely a Penn alum.

To be honest, TigerBlog doesn't remember exactly what he got on the PSAT. He does remember his SAT scores, which Pete Carril made fun of the first time he met TigerBlog.

He doesn't even remember taking the PSAT. He does remember taking the SAT. He never took the ACT. 

MTB's high school has block scheduling on a semester schedule. Her fall schedule includes AP physics, honors biology and honors French 3.

TigerBlog is pretty sure he wouldn't be getting into Penn, let alone Princeton, if he had to take that schedule right now. And if he took the PSATs? He'd have to be getting a lot of points from his daughter if they bet on who did better.

MTB does not travel light as she goes to and from school. TB has no idea how much her backpack weighs, but if he had to guess, he'd say it weighs "a lot." And that doesn't count her field hockey bag and stick and all.

It's a miracle she can carry it all.

TigerBlog always traveled light to school. Actually, he can't remember what he carried back and forth to high school. He assumes it was a book bag of some sort and he's positive it weighed less than half of what MTB carries.

TigerBlog did a search for "PSAT sample questions." The first one he saw was a math question, a graph of some sort. He had no idea what the answer might be, so he guessed "B," which is what Mr. Eovino, one of high school teachers, always recommended.

As it turned out, the answer was in fact "B." Not that TB would have guessed that without following the "Eovino Postulate."

TB shudders to think what he'd actually get if he took the SATs these days. He assumes he'd do well on the English and writing and get less than half what he actually got on the math part.

He also assumes MTB did a little better than he could.

It's amazing how much TigerBlog doesn't remember from what he learned in school. Especially in math. And physics. And chemistry.

He can still read, and presumably write. And he's still good at math. There's just so much of it that he can't remember in the least.

He remembers enough math to know that none of the seven Ivy League championships of the fall have been awarded yet. He also knows that they'll be awarded in the next few weeks.

Of the five teams that play for fall Ivy championships in a round-robin, Princeton has three that are unbeaten in the league. So does Harvard, though not the same three.

Princeton is currently unbeaten in the league in women's soccer, field hockey and football. Harvard is unbeaten in women's soccer, football and men's soccer.

Princeton will play at Harvard in all three of those, plus men's soccer, next weekend. It would appear to be a very big weekend, obviously.

There are games to get through for both schools this weekend, of course. Princeton hosts Columbia in both men's and women's soccer Saturday (men at 4, women at 7). The field hockey and football teams are at Brown.

Harvard, on the other hand, hosts Brown in men's and women's soccer, is at Cornell in field hockey and is at Lafayette in football.

Princeton, Harvard and Dartmouth are all unbeaten in football. The Crimson play Dartmouth the week after Princeton is at Cambridge, and Princeton is at Dartmouth in the season finale.

Looking at the other sports, Harvard and Dartmouth are tied for first in women's volleyball, both at 4-1, after Dartmouth defeated Harvard the first time around. Princeton is 2-3 as it heads to Brown and Yale this weekend.

Princeton is unbeaten in field hockey, as is Penn. The Quakers have done something remarkable in field hockey, and that's go 3-0 in the league with overtime wins in each league game.

Harvard and Dartmouth are both 2-0-0 in men's soccer. Princeton is 0-1-1, but the Tigers came from way behind last year too to get a share of the Ivy title.

The women's soccer team is ranked No. 1 in the Mid-Atlantic Region. More importantly, Princeton is 3-0-0 in the Ivy League, as is Harvard. The two have a big edge on the field right now, with third-place Cornell and Columbia at 1-1-1, for four points, to the nine for Princeton and Harvard.

The other fall sports with Ivy championships are men's and women's cross country. The league championships in those sports will definitely be awarded on Oct. 30, as the Ivy League Heps return to Van Cortlandt Park.

The other championships? They will be awarded at some point in the next few weeks.

The games between Princeton and Harvard won't be make-or-break, but they will be important. TigerBlog doesn't need advanced math to know that.

Or even remedial.

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Princeton women's soccer team is also receiving votes in the NCAA poll.