Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy April Fool's Day. Seriously.

TigerBlog has a friend named John Mack.

Perhaps you've heard of him? He's one of those older alums. You know, from the Class of 2000.

After he graduated, he worked in the athletic department here for awhile. Then he worked at Northwestern. Eventually he left athletics and went to Northwestern's law school. Today he is a lawyer, husband, father.

Clearly he's a smart guy, right?

Well, today is April Fool's Day. TigerBlog could write anything here and John Mack would believe it.

A year ago, TB got an angry text from John Mack saying that he couldn't support Princeton Athletics anymore because of the decision to change the school colors. You know, that was TB's April Fool's Day joke of a year ago.

So what should it be this year?

A 7-6 point guard from Asia? Tearing down Princeton Stadium and building a domed arena in its place? Getting out of the Ivy League and joining the Big Ten?

Doesn't matter. John Mack would believe them all. It's part of his charm. He's such a trusting soul.

Nope, this year there's no April Fool's prank.

Oh, by the way, have you ever heard of Sidd Finch? Google him to find out about the greatest April Fool's story of all time.

So if there's not going to be any April Fool's stuff this year, what then?

Well, TB starts with two videos that were put out by the Princeton OAC this week.

The first is about a long-standing tradition on the wrestling team. Apparently, head coach Chris Ayres inherited a policy - no wrestler can ride the elevator in Jadwin Gym if he hasn't earned All-America honors. And he has kept it in place.

The elevator in Jadwin starts on the main level and goes down, not up, all the way to E level. If you get out of the elevator and go to your left, then you'll walk right into the wrestling room. The OAC, by the way, moved to E level a few months ago, leaving the wrestlers as the next-door neighbors.

TigerBlog has spent more time on the Jadwin elevator since the move downstairs than he ever has before. He wishes he knew about the wrestling rule, because he isn't sure if he remembers having ever seen one in there.

Then, after a 13-year gap, Princeton had another All-America this season, Brett Harner. The video shows Harner as he rides up and down, interacting with those who get on. The best part is when Jordan Laster, another wrestler, gets to look in but can't step on. And the part with Peter Farrell.

Anyway, the video is really good, especially the music. You can see it HERE.

No, really. John. That's a real policy. It's not an April Fool's thing. 

The other video featured baseball players Billy Arendt and Danny Baer as they drove around the campus in a golf cart, picking up students and giving them rides. And asking them questions and giving them prizes.

Actually, neither player was actually driving. The driver is actually the Princeton Tiger.

Well it's not really the Tiger. It's someone dressed as the Tiger. He actually did a good job as a driver - and as a participant in the questioning. Especially when the question was who was the best mascot in the Ivy League.

But mostly as a driver. It's not easy to get the carts through the barriers on campus, and yet the Tiger had no problems.

You can see that video HERE. Just not if you're from risk management.

The point of that video was to spread the word about this weekend's Ivy League-opening doubleheaders for the Tigers, who host Dartmouth tomorrow and Harvard Sunday. First pitch is at noon both days.

The softball team is supposed to play Dartmouth today and Harvard tomorrow. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

What else?

Well, TigerBlog finished his pregame men's lacrosse story (the Tigers are at No. 3 Brown tomorrow at 1) and then posted it to Then he went back about an hour later to find it had already cycled off the front page.

That's what happens in the spring, when there is rowing coming up. And everything else.

Like this weekend, when there are 27 Princeton athletic events.

In addition to home baseball and softball, there's also home men's volleyball, rowing and men's tennis. The complete schedule for the weekend is HERE.

Oh, and there is no admission charge for any event at Princeton this weekend.

Seriously. That's not an April Fool's thing either.

TigerBlog, in fact, has gone completely serious for this year. Maybe next year he can think of something good.

Even with that heads up, John Mack will still fall for it.

And hey, just because TB has gone serious for the day doesn't mean you have to. Come up with something good and play a joke on a friend.

Today's the day for it.

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