Friday, August 5, 2016

Olympic Village

TigerBlog recently learned that the prime sunburning hours are between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.

This is sort of contrary to what he's always believed. He figured the prime sunburn time would be between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

As a result, he's often gone without sunscreen after 2. Turns out that's been a mistake.

The two worst places TigerBlog has ever gotten sunburned have been the top of his feet and the top of his head. The sunburned feet came in North Carolina in the early 1990s and was awful; TigerBlog has never again made the mistake of not putting copious amounts of sunscreen on his feet.

As for the top of his head? Well, let's just say that TigerBlog hasn't really need a hair brush in a few decades, which is good in some ways (he can get his hair cut in six minutes) and bad in others (his head will get badly burned if it's not covered in sunscreen or covered by a hat).

As an aside, TigerBlog had really, really long hair in the 1970s. He looks way better now.

TB packed plenty of sunscreen for his trip this weekend to Lake Placid. He's here for the Olympics.

Well, not quite. He's here in the Adirondacks as the Olympics begin.

Lake Placid as you might know has hosted the Olympics twice, both times the Winter Olympics. The first time was in 1932, when Canada won the gold medal in hockey and the U.S. won the silver medal.

The second time was in 1980. You don't need TigerBlog to tell you who won the gold medal in hockey that year.

Until yesterday, TigerBlog had never been to Lake Placid. Why now?

Well what else? Lacrosse. The Lake Placid Lacrosse Summit, to be exact.

TigerBlog Jr. is playing, reuniting with the guys who played together for seven summers as kids up through high school for this tournament.

TB has never been to this event, which appears to have brought basically anyone who owns a lacrosse stick to this small village. There are events for high school boys and girls, all the way up to grand masters. TigerBlog should have brought his stuff and gotten on a team; it's been awhile since he's had a knee operation.

There will be a ton of Princeton lacrosse players who will be here as well on various teams in various divisions, including several who will play tonight in the Major League Lacrosse Legends Alumni Game. Princeton will be represented by Damien Davis, Josh Sims, Jon Hess, Matt Striebel, Ryan Mollett and Chris Massey, who between them have 13 NCAA championship rings. That's a lot of winning.

Jeff Froccaro will be here as well, with a team that will be playing to help raise funds for the Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund, in memory of former Duke lacrosse player Jimmy Regan, who lost his life in Iraq in 2007. For more information about the project, click HERE.

If you want to see a great picture, by the way, go to the women's hockey page of Or click HERE.

The picture is of Kelsey Koelzer, who will be arriving here when TigerBlog leaves. Koelzer will be here as part of a festival that saw 95 players invited, and they will be competing for spots on the U-22 and U-18 national teams.

So the sports scene in Lake Placid is always a busy one. And TigerBlog will do his best to see some of the Olympic sites, though he can't guarantee he'll be heading down the bobsled while he's here.

Still, this is the site of Olympics past.

The current Olympic Village is in Rio, where the Opening Ceremonies are today. The soccer competition has already started, though, and Canada - with Princeton alum Diana Matheson - got a big 2-0 win over Australia Wednesday that almost assures a spot for the Canadians in the quarterfinals.

Tomorrow is a huge day for Princeton at the Olympics, as more than half of the 13 Princeton athletes will be competing, in field hockey, rowing, soccer and fencing.

Again, you can follow all of the Princetonians in the Olympics right HERE.

The start of the Olympics means that there are also three weeks until the first Princeton athletic event of the academic year. But hey, that will be here soon enough.

For now, it's time to enjoy the start of one of the greatest sporting events in the world. You know, the Lacrosse Summit.

Or the Olympics.

Either one.

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