Friday, April 21, 2017

Canon The Frenchie

What was the best part of your week?

While TigerBlog can't say that the best part of his week has been Trevor Tierney's dog, whom he's never met, Canon - that's his name - was way up there. And Canon is a Frenchie, apparently, which is a French bulldog. 

The whole interaction was done though Twitter. Trevor, by the way, is the oldest child of Bill and Helen Tierney, and he was the All-America goalie for the Princeton men's lacrosse team's 2001 NCAA championship, the only one of the six that Bill won at Princeton with both of his sons - Trevor and Brendan - on the team.

Trevor, by the way, was one of TigerBlog Jr.'s earliest heroes. When TBJ first started to play goalie in second grade, he did so with one of Trevor's old sticks.

This has nothing to do with that, though. And this story is just tremendous.

It all started with one tweet that Trevor commented on. This one:

That was followed by this:

And then this:

And finally by this:

Forget all of the ugly discourse that's out there. This is why Twitter was invented. Well, that and to get updated scores of college athletic events.

It's a big weekend for the Princeton men's lacrosse team. The Tigers host Harvard tomorrow at 1 in the final home game of the season, hoping to get a win to seal a spot in the Ivy League tournament.

In addition to the game itself, Princeton will be honoring three teams at halftime - the 1967 team, which will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Ivy League championship, the 1992 team, which 25 years ago won the first of those six NCAA titles, and the 1997 team, which went 15-0 en route to its NCAA title.

By the way, if you haven't read THIS feature story on Zach Currier, it's well worth it, if TigerBlog says so himself.

The game tomorrow will be final one on Sherrerd Field for the 11 current Tigers seniors. The Ivy tournament will be at Yale, regardless of what happens this weekend or next weekend. Princeton can still get a share of the league title by winning tomorrow and next weekend at Cornell and having Yale lose to Harvard next weekend. On the other hand, there are still three scenarios (out of 64) in which Princeton would not make the tournament.

If you're looking for a subplot, Michael Sowers needs two points to tie Rob Pannell's record for points in a season by an Ivy League freshman. Sowers has 65; Pannell had 67 for Cornell in 2009. Sowers has a bunch of other possible milestones in front of him as well.

It's a typically busy spring weekend, beyond the men's lacrosse game. For starters, there will definitely be two Ivy League titles won this weekend, in men's and women's golf. The Ivy League championships begin today and run through Sunday, with the men in Greenwich, Conn., and the women in, of all places, Orlando, Fla.

If you went to yesterday evening, you saw something you won't see too many other places - and that's that the top four stories on the page were the four rowing previews.

The baseball team is playing to try to turn around last weekend's four-game sweep by Penn. If Princeton can sweep Columbia and get some help from Cornell against Penn, then the Tigers could be right back into the Gehrig Division race.

As for the softball team, the Tigers will now play today and tomorrow, instead of tomorrow and Sunday, against Columbia. Princeton is three games up on the Lions in the South Division, and the Tigers could clinch the division championship with an entire weekend to go - or could get swept and be behind Columbia.

The women's lacrosse team will look to bounce back - quickly - from its first Ivy League loss, against Penn Tuesday night. The Tigers have no time to dwell on that, since the next challenge is a trip to Cornell.

Right now, Cornell is in first place, unbeaten in the league. Princeton, Harvard and Penn all have one loss, and Harvard still has to play Penn and Cornell. Should Cornell beat Princeton, the Ivy League tournament would be in Ithaca. If Princeton wins, then the whole thing gets pretty complicated.

There's also home men's tennis tomorrow against Harvard and Sunday against Dartmouth. And there's home track and field with the Larry Ellis Invitational.

TigerBlog told the story about how Larry Ellis, then Princeton's coach, told one of his athletes that to run a certain time, he had to "run faster." It's one of TB's favorite stories.

TB has no idea what the actual time that the runner said he wanted to run, so he made one up and went with 10.18. It sounded like a good track time. Turned out it was better than TB thought.

At least that's what it said in an email TB received yesterday pointing out to him that it couldn't have been a 10.18, because the Ivy record for the 100 is 10.29 and has stood for more than 30 years.

In fact, it was set in 1983 by Doug Harris of Penn. TB was there at the time, but he didn't know Doug. Nor did he realize that 10.18 would have demolished the record.

Good to know people are paying attention at least.

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