Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rooting For Robby Andrews and Gavin McBride

TigerBlog has let his daughter know that she needs to get a job this summer. Period.

Her car - technically it's TigerBlog's car - needed new brakes even before she got her first career flat tire the other day. Oh, and that pesky car also seems to need gas every now and then.

In addition, she's talking about going to India next summer with her friend Sonali. And of course she's heading off to college in a year.

Money? What's that, compared to knowing that you can watch all 64 episodes of "Breaking Bad," as Miss TigerBlog just did.

Okay, the summer just started. She'll find a job. Probably. Hopefully. Definitely.

In the meantime, she did have some really interesting points about the show. She referred to Walter White, for instance, as being an "interesting problem solver."

And if you've seen the show, then you know all about Hank and the third-to-last episode of the series, which is up there with any episode of any TV show that's ever been produced. MTB was definitely struck by what happened in those 45 minutes.

TigerBlog mentioned to his daughter that he had seen back-to-back all 64 episodes of "Breaking Bad" and all 153 episodes of "Gilmore Girls." Granted, this took a little time to do.

TB isn't sure what people are thinking when he mentions how much he loves "Gilmore Girls." After all, he's not the normal demographic for the show.

Still, he and MTB - who also seen both - had an interesting conversation about the two and the character development in each show. Miss TigerBlog, as your average nearly 17 year old, of course thought "Breaking Bad" had much better characters because of how they evolved, as opposed to the way she felt the characters on "Gilmore Girls" did not. They stayed flat, she said.

And she had possibly a little too much respect for the evil genius of Walter White, to the point that when the conversation was over, TB wasn't 100 percent sure whether he should be humored, scared or something in between. Either way, it was one of the highlights of the weekend.

There were some Princeton Athletic highlights this weekend as well.

One of them came Saturday night, when TigerBlog got a text message from the remarkable Thayer Patterson. If you don't know Thayer, he's sort of a walking, talking search engine of Princeton Athletics. There's nothing or no one he doesn't seem to know.

It was late Saturday when Thayer texted TB that it wasn't every day that a Princeton assistant track and field coach won a title at the USATF championships. In this case, it was assistant cross country coach Robby Andrews.

If you spent a lot of time watching the Olympics last summer, like TB did, you had to feel for Andrews, who had an amazing kick in the men's 1,500 semifinals, only to be disqualified on the minorest of infractions - one that was pretty debatable. Instead of being in the final, he saw teammate Matthew Centrowitz become the first American since 1908 to win Olympic gold in the 1,500.

Andrews is still in his prime, obviously, and it's not that long until 2020. Is he the American to beat? Well, at the national championships Saturday in Sacramento, nobody was able to beat him.

Andrews, whose biggest claim to fame is either his Olympic spot or the fact that he and TigerBlog went to the same high school, was in fifth place with one lap to go before he went into another gear. Among those he passed on the final lap was Centrowitz.

THIS STORY has a ton of detail on the event.

One of the best things about Princeton is that there are so many people here who are easy to root for, and Andrews is definitely one of them. And not just because he went to Manalapan High School.

So is Gavin McBride, as you may know if you've been reading anything TB has written about the 2017 men's lacrosse team.

TigerBlog got an email from the NCAA the other day congratulating Princeton on having had McBride lead Division I in goals per game this past season. In case you forgot, McBride scored 54 goals in 15 games, or 3.6 per game. Only one player in Division I - Albany's Connor Fields - had more goals, with 55, and he played three more games than McBride.

McBride's 54 goals set a Princeton single-season record, bettering the 21-year-old record set by U.S. Lacrosse Hall-of-Famer Jesse Hubbard. What did it get McBride? Honorable mention All-Ivy League and nothing, not even honorable mention, from the USILA All-America committee.

McBride was a sixth-round pick of the Denver Outlaws in the Major League Lacrosse draft, and he played in his first professional game this past weekend. How'd it go?

More of the same, actually.

McBride scored three goals, all in the fourth quarter, as Denver rallied from seven goals back to beat the New York Lizards 17-14. Zach Currier, McBride's Princeton teammate, had a goal, three assists and six ground balls in the game, by the way.

McBride's three-goal performance in clutch time earned him Major League Lacrosse Rookie of the Week honors. 

As he has been all year, TigerBlog was happy that McBride continues to do well. He had such a monster season - scoring five or more goals six times and three or more goals 11 times - and he got so little credit for it.

Now he's in Major League Lacrosse. It's only for the best of the best.

You know. For players like Gavin McBride.

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