Thursday, July 27, 2017

Keeping You Updated

There will be no trip to Williamsport for the Canton Little League baseball team in Connecticut.

If you recall from last week, Canton won its first district championship in 29 years. As an update, the team reached the sectional final before falling. If you forgot, Canton features Justin DiCarlo, whose father Vinnie is a former Office of Athletic Communications intern.

Losing stings. It's supposed to, especially if you're serious enough about playing that you got that far in the first place. On the other hand, if you were still playing into late July, then you've accomplished things to be proud of and had experiences that will stay with you forever. You know, like winning a town's first championship in 29 years.

So congrats to Justin and his teammates. You had a great summer run.

That's one update for you.

BrotherBlog checked in to thank his brother, presumably, for getting mentioned Monday. Here's what he said:
Aww, je suis très heureux d'être dans TigerBlog aujourd'hui. Merci pour le fromage!

TigerBlog had to ask Miss TigerBlog to translate. She came back with:
"Aww, I'm very happy to be in the TigerBlog today. Thank you for the cheese.

That's another update for you.

As an aside, MTB is spending the week at the shore. TB has heard from her exactly three times - that translation, a request for a short video update on her cat Jingles and then a reminder to make sure Jingles is eating enough because "he looks skinny."

For the record, he looks fine to TigerBlog.

And in another update, TigerBlog sends his congratulations to Jess Ward, his colleague in Dillon Gym.

Jess was recently named the full-time Associate Director of Athletics for Campus Recreation at Princeton. She had been doing the job on an interim basis for the last four or five months or so.

Jess has been at Princeton for nearly 10 years, so it's hard to call her an addition to the staff. She is one of those people who always seems to be in motion, always dripping with seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm. She's always up.

It's a perfect fit for her position.

There aren't too many people who interact with more of the campus community than the person who oversees Campus Rec. There are programs for intramurals, club sports, physical education, aquatics, summer camps and pretty much anything else you can think of.

TigerBlog would like to congratulate her. She certainly got off to an impressive start in her interim role. Dillon Gym, always busy, is in good hands.

What other updates can TigerBlog give you?

The U.S. U19 women's basketball team rolled into the quarterfinals of the current World Championships in Italy with a win over Puerto Rico yesterday. Princeton rising sophomore Bella Alarie continues to have a great run with the American team in the tournament, which continues with the quarterfinal game tomorrow against France.

TigerBlog watched some of the game against Puerto Rico yesterday, which was streamed in the middle of the day here. In the first 15 seconds after he turned the game on, TigerBlog saw Alarie run the floor and receive a pass to finish a fast break layup and then come down the other end and pull down a rebound.

If you watched Princeton this past year, it's nothing new for you. To see her do it in a "USA" uniform, well, it's something special.

The quarterfinal tomorrow starts a three-day sprint to the finish line, with the semifinals Saturday and then the championship game Sunday. Among those in attendance will be Princeton head coach Courtney Banghart.
You can watch the streams at You can also get updated stats, brackets, box scores and anything else you want.

It's a lot like the recently completed World Cup for women's lacrosse in England. It's amazing how easy it is these days to get really detailed information from events that not that long ago wouldn't have had a fraction of the content available that is now.

Of course, as TB said yesterday, with that comes expectations.

Are there any other updates for right now?

Well, speaking of the women's lacrosse World Cup, here's the final one of Nonie Anderson's blogs from her time there with the Irish team. She did a really good job with them.

Oh, and Julia Ratcliffe? She will be competing in London next week in the hammer throw at the World Track and Field Championships. You can read about her HERE.

And of course, there is Bob Surace's back. As of yesterday, he was questionable for his start in beach wiffleball. Was he able to take the ball?

Well, Game 7? He would be all in.

For now? TigerBlog recommends he just sit in a chair and check out the ocean.

And there are your updates for today. 

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