Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"I Do. For GoPrincetonTigers.Com, This Is Cody Chrusciel"

If you're reading this, then odds are good you've heard Cody Chrusciel's voice.

Probably more than once.

Cody, in his two years at Princeton, has been the broadcaster for Princeton football and men's lacrosse on the radio and then basically every other sport that Princeton has on the Ivy League Network. Whenever someone is needed to fill in, on jumps Cody.

When TigerBlog interviewed Cody for his position in multimedia, he came away impressed with his experience, ability and references. And voice. Definitely his voice.

TigerBlog has done a lot of radio and public address. He uses different voices for both, and neither is exactly his every day speaking voice, if that makes sense.

TB was talking the other day to Tom McCarthy, the former Princeton announcer and now the TV voice of the Philadelphia Phillies, as well as the NFL and NCAA basketball. Tom's regular speaking voice isn't exactly his broadcasting voice.

Cody, though, talks like a broadcaster at all times. It's unique. It's like TB or McCarthy are imitating broadcasters or anything. It's most about elongating how you speak or the cadence of your voice that changes a bit.

Not with Cody. He's always the same.

And so there was Cody, Friday night, as he prepared to marry longtime girlfriend Justine Nothstein, who is now Justine Chruschiel. When it comes time to exchange vows, your average groom speaks with a soft, low, serious voice.

When it was Cody's turn, he used the same Cody voice that you hear all the time. He might as well have said "Holuba on the tackle, and I do" or "I do. For goprincetontigers.com, this is Cody Chrusciel."

It was very charming.

TigerBlog wishes Cody and Justine nothing but the best. They had a very nice wedding. TB was happy to be a small part of it.

Of course, Cody scheduled his wedding for the same exact moment as the first athletic event of the 2017-18 season, the women's soccer team's 3-0 win over Monmouth Friday night. The guest list - for the wedding, not the game - included John Bullis, Princeton's other multimedia person.

This led to the obvious question of "how is the women's soccer game going to be videostreamed?" You know, if Cody was getting married and Bullis was there to be part of it, who would be doing the streaming for the Ivy League Network.

By the way, for 2017-18, it's now the Ivy League Network, not the Ivy League Digital Network.

Most broadcasts are set up well in advance and can then be trouble-shot remotely should something come up. And that's exactly what happened Friday night.

The wedding was supposed to start at 6:30 but began a bit late. The game was at 7. Bullis was monitoring the ILN feed and found that there was a small problem. It wasn't working.

In fact, Bullis was trying to solve the problem from his phone as the wedding processional made its way down the aisle. TigerBlog suggested that Bullis simply grab Cody as he came by and ask him if he had any ideas. Knowing Cody like TB does, he would have simply paused, fixed it and then gotten married.

In the end, Bullis was able to solve it (something about finding the compatible cord) just around the time the officiant was comparing true love and dog ownership. It had something to do with Cody and Justine's dog, who was represented there by a cardboard cutout. It was cute.

Oh, and in addition to fixing the ILN issue from about 30 miles away, Bullis also turned out to be quite the entertaining dancer. He's pretty good at it, and he has a certain degree of, let's call it, flair on the floor.

The Office of Athletic Communications has seven people on staff. Cody, Bullis, TigerBlog and four others who cover sports and write the stories that you read on goprincetontigers.com.

As Cody was getting married, there were six of them there, with the seventh - Andrew Borders - having to cover the women's soccer game. During the wedding ceremony itself, there was back and forth about making sure a videostream was working.

That's how it is in the athletic communications world.

Princeton is lucky. It has a really good group of people who are dedicated to what they do.

So congratulations to Cody and Justine. They had a really nice wedding Friday night, on a really nice night.

All that's left is to have a great life together.

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