Wednesday, October 18, 2017


If you have an iPhone, then you recently did the update to the software.

Pretty much everyone who updates an iPhone complains about it after. It always seems to take things that were working fine and make them a bit different, even a bit more complicated. Nobody likes having a feature that worked well removed in the update.

For some strange reason, TigerBlog's voicemail disappeared after he did the update. What was that about?

For the most part, he's okay with that. If he gets a call and doesn't answer, it gets recorded as a missed call, so he knows who called. On the other hand, he doesn't always know what that person wanted.

He'll probably set up his voicemail again at some point. Of course, he probably gets 100 text messages for each call. Maybe more, actually.

Anyway, while he's on the subject of updates, here are a few from yesterday.

TigerBlog tweeted the link to yesterday's entry, as he always does, and this time there was a reply.

It came from @brownbearsILN. What did it say?

Truer words have never been spoken, people. If you want to see what this cookie actually looks like, here it is:

TigerBlog, as you may recall, did not actually end up eating that cookie. That took a lot of will power.

So that's one update from yesterday.

Here's another update from yesterday.

TigerBlog mentioned that Jesper Horsted was chasing the record for receptions in a season at Princeton. Right now he's on pace for 84, which would leave him four shy of the record of 88, set by Kevin Guthrie in 1983.

TigerBlog should have also mentioned that Horsted has six touchdown receptions through the first half of the season. If he matches that in the second, he'll have 12, which would be one more than the single-season school record currently shared by Derek Graham (also in 1983) and Roman Wilson (in 2013).

By the way, if you don't know much about Princeton football in the early 1980s, well, it was pretty wide-open stuff. Here were the scores of the last four games of 1981, for instance:
Princeton 38, Penn 30
Maine 55, Princeton 44
Princeton 35, Yale 31
Princeton 37, Cornell 14

Of course, the current Tigers are in a run of several years of high scoring offense as well. In fact, since the start of the 2013 season, Princeton has played 45 games. In those 45 games, the Tigers have averaged 34.5 points per game.

That's a lot.

Princeton's next game, by the way, is at Harvard Friday night. That's a 7:30 kickoff, on NBC Sports Network.

The last update is about video. Yesterday TigerBlog mentioned two videos, one that had women's basketball coach Courtney Banghart mic'd up at a practice and the other that featured two-sport athlete Jesper Horsted.

As TB said, those are a great way to tell the stories that make up Princeton Athletics. Yesterday saw the launch of a new series whose design is to do that, and a little more.

You can see Episode 1 of "Hard Cuts, A Season Inside Princeton Basketball" HERE. It is well worth the time.

The series will be a season-long look at what makes up the Princeton men's basketball program. It's about more than men's basketball, of course. It's about what it's like to be a Princeton athlete and what goes into putting a program together.

TigerBlog thinks the entire series is going to be really good, and really effective.

The men's basketball team opens its season in little more than three weeks, when the Tigers will be at Butler on Sunday, Nov. 12. The women's team, by the way, plays its first game two days earlier, at Jadwin Gym, against George Washington.

The Ivy League released its preseason media poll yesterday, and Princeton was picked third. What does that matter? It doesn't.

Princeton enters the 2017-18 season coming off a great year, one that saw the Tigers go 14-0 in the Ivy League and then win two more games - after trailing in both - to win the first Ivy League tournament.

Harvard is the preseason pick. Yale got the most first-place votes. Princeton had three first-place votes and was a solid third.

It should be a really good season of Ivy League basketball, for the men and women.

The Quaker men were picked to finish in fourth. If the preseason picks come true, then the same four teams will be in the second Ivy tournament that were in the first. Also, if those picks come true, then Penn will again be the fourth seed playing at home in the Palestra, where the tournament will be again.

Ah, but that's months away. For now it's preseason practices. Then it'll be non-league games, lots of travel, the entire Ivy season and see where it goes from there.

And you can see it all on "Hard Cuts."

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