Friday, May 4, 2018

The Chris Sailer Show

TigerBlog was driving along on a two-lane road yesterday morning when he came to a little construction spot.

This meant one lane was shut off and there were people on either end with signs that said "stop" on one said and "slow" on the other. You've seen this a million times.

There was a line of cars in front of him that were moving, slowly, and nobody behind him. Just before TB was able to move into the other lane, the sign was changed to "stop."

"Seriously?" TigerBlog said. Out loud. To no one, since he was alone.

And then he heard a chirp and a voice say "how can I help you?"

It was Siri. TigerBlog had to laugh at that.

He also didn't stay mad at the guy with the sign very long. That's because the first car that came through while TB waited had its trunk open, and the guy with the sign had to chase after the driver to point that out. That put him pretty much even with TigerBlog's car, and he and TB just laughed.

Siri then said "what's so funny?"

Actually, no she didn't.

So what do you do when you're in your car and you're by yourself? None of you text, right?

Here's a question - if you have a child who is a relatively new driver and you need to get in touch with them while they may be driving, what do you do? You don't want to text or call, because you don't want them to answer if they're driving. But what if, say, they're 15 minutes late for something? Then what?

Anyway, what do you do when you're alone. Listen to the radio? Talk on the phone? Sing?

TigerBlog likes to sing. Loudly. One time he heard Siri say "please stop."

What TB has learned is that more people than he would have thought like to listen to podcasts. At least that's how it seems ever since he's started doing them.

The amount of feedback he's gotten from them has far exceeded what he expected, first with men's lacrosse coach Matt Madalon and then with women's basketball coach Courtney Banghart.

Now there's Chris Sailer, the women's lacrosse coach. TB and Chris did the first episode of "The Chris Sailer Show" earlier this week, and the response to that has been tremendous as well.

You can listen to it HERE.

TigerBlog really likes the podcast format, because of it's informality. And because you can get into a lot of different subjects beyond just the next game.

Of course, for Sailer and her team, the next game is a huge. Any game in May is.

Princeton is the host for the Ivy League women's lacrosse tournament this weekend, beginning today with a pair of semifinal games and then concluding Sunday with the final. Here is the schedule:

No. 2 Penn vs. No. 3 Dartmouth - 4
No. 1 Princeton vs. No. 4 Columbia - 7

Championship game - 11

The Ivy tournament decides only who will get the league's automatic bid to the NCAA tournament, not who is the champion. That distinction will remain with Princeton and Penn, who tied for the regular season title at 6-1. Princeton is the host by virtue of its win over Penn two weeks ago.

Princeton a week ago played Columbia, winning a 22-16 game. TigerBlog will guess that fewer goals will be scored this time around.

Columbia is making its first Ivy tournament appearance. This is the ninth Ivy tournament, and Princeton and Penn have won three each. Dartmouth and Cornell have won one each.

This weekend will see Ivy League champions crowned in men's and women's outdoor track and field, at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

The Princeton men are going for an eighth "triple crown" of Heps championships in cross country and indoor and outdoor track and field. The other big subplot of this event is the host Penn Quakers, who are looking to become the first school not named "Princeton" or "Cornell" to win the men's outdoor title in the last 15 years.

You can get all of the men's information HERE. You can get all of the women's information HERE.

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