Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Narrator Is A Finalist

There's something of a feel of Election Day to TAGD.

There are early results and forecasts. There are projections. The polls, as it were, are open for a finite time.

TigerBlog wrote this a year ago on the day after TAGD, and he feels like it's good enough to say again:
It's a sign of faith in the direction of the current programs, a message of approval for the athletes - and a reaffirmation of what the Princeton experience meant to so many people who have competed here through the years. Princeton Athletics clearly appreciates it.

The fifth TAGD was another great success, and TigerBlog would like to offer his thank you to everyone who made a gift. The money raised goes directly to the programs and to the experience the athletes have here as undergrads, and they benefit immediately from the generosity. They, in turn, will give back when it is their turn.

The Twitter Live feeds turned out to be fun, and fairly competitive. Marty Crotty, the men's lightweight rowing coach, defeated three other head coaches in a series of contests to advance to take on Ford Family Director of Athletics Mollie Marcoux Samaan in more games in the final.

If you missed it, Mollie won and Marty ended up getting the ice bucket dousing, which looked really, really, really cold. 

TigerBlog received a lot of positive feedback from the video for TAGD that was narrated by Jesper Horsted of the football team. If you didn't see that, or even if you did, you can watch it in yesterday's entry HERE.

TigerBlog will give you one of the messages he got about the video, from an alum:
I think the video is Princeton at its best. Having Horsted recite the poem was genius. This is the kind of stuff alums want to see, in my opinion. I could probably only name like 3 athletes in the video but it still made me feel connected to each of them.

That really was the point. Share the values of Princeton Athletics as captured in the poem and let people feel the connection to the athletes.

As for Horsted, he had himself a pretty good day yesterday, as he was named one of two finalists for the Asa Bushnell Cup for the Ivy League's Offensive Player of the Year.

So obviously you're rooting for Horsted after his record-setting season as a wide receiver against the other finalist, right? And who is the other finalist?

Wait. It's John Lovett, the record setting quarterback of the Princeton football team.

The Ivy League used to have one Bushnell Cup winner as the league's top player, but in 2011 it started awarding one for offense and one for defense, while announcing two finalists. This would then be Year 8 of this format, so this would be the 15th and 16th time that the league has announced finalists. It's also the first time that both are from the same school.

That's what happens when you go 10-0 and have the highest scoring offense in league history, TigerBlog supposes. 

Because one of them has to win, Princeton is guaranteed to have the winner from the offense for the third straight year, after Lovett in 2016 and Chad Kanoff last year. Lovett could become the first two-time winner from Princeton and the fifth in league history.

You can read more about Lovett and Horsted HERE.

The ceremony to determine the winner will be this coming Monday, Dec. 3, in New York City.

Between now and then there are four basketball games, by the way, two by each team. Both are home once and away once.

The home games are this weekend, as the men host George Washington Saturday at 4 and the women host Davidson Sunday at 2.

They both are on the road tonight, both tipping at 7. In addition, both are driveable from Princeton, though if you haven't left yet for the men's game, you're going to be late.

The women are at Villanova in a matchup of teams who spent some time in the sun last weekend, with Princeton in Cancun and Villanova in Orlando. This has become a very good rivalry between two teams who are used to playing in the postseason.

On the men's side, they're at Maine tonight. Maine is coached by Richard Barron, who used to coach the Princeton women's team.

And that's your fun fact for today.

And once again, a thank you for all those who participated in TAGD. 

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