Friday, May 17, 2019

It's TigerDog

The part in italics is the only part of this that TigerBlog is actually writing. The rest of it has been dictated, with some editing mixed in. Also, he put TigerBlog in parenthesis next to whatever it was that the talk-to-text changed it to in that particular sentence.

Tiger dog (TigerBlog) is trying something different.

He's actually in a car on Interstate 84 right now. He's not driving. He's in the passenger seat, and he's actually dictating this on his talk-to-text function on his phone. He's never tried this before.

He’s actually never even tried to dictate a text message or anything like that, though he’s seen people do it and he finds it to be fairly fascinating.

Anyway, other than the wild technology, what should he talk about - and that's literally talk about? Usually when he says "what should I talk about" he means "what should I type at this moment." Now he really means talk.

Had he done this normally and simply typed this, his first paragraphs were going to be about Knicks fans and his hopes that they are okay with the fact that it appears they are not going to get Zion Williamson in the NBA draft.
The Knicks had a 14 percent chance of getting the No. 1 pick in Tuesday's lottery but instead ended up with the third pick. New Orleans has the first pick, and Memphis has the second.
Here’s what Knick fans need to understand, and here's also a little free advice to the team's brain trust, which includes Princeton basketball alums Steve Mills and Craig Robinson: RJ Barrett is the best player in the draft.
Zion Williamson was a dominant college player, but his game does not necessarily transfer to the NBA. It might, but it might not. At the very least, he's hardly a, say, slam dunk. The way he was successful in college was to be so physically imposing that that not one player on any team could really match up with him. That’s not going to be the case in the NBA where every team will have somebody or multiple somebodies who can match up with him.
He could be really good, like Charles Barkley. But Williamson is 6-7, and in today's NBA, you better be able to shoot three's a lot better than he can if you're 6-7. 
Memphis appears to be sold on Ja Morant, who appears to be a pretty good player, but that’ll enable Barrett to fall to the Knicks.
Barrett’s game translate perfectly to the NBA, and the way he carries himself sort of suggests that he would be comfortable in New York City. In 10 years, when RJ Barrett is an annual NBA All-Star and Zion Williamson is a decent player who never really lived up to the hype, you can call tiger boy (TigerBlog) and say "you were right."

This is so cool, by the way. TB still hasn't typed one word yet.
The only downside is that he has to go back and completely proofread this because the voice-to-writing feature on his phone keeps referring to him as a bunch of things other than Tiger blah (TigerBlog), including on first reference "Tiger Dog," which is actually fairly ironic since a tiger is not a dog but a cat.
In other news the car that Tiger Blog (hey, that one was pretty much right) is riding in just crossed from Connecticut into Massachusetts, making this the first interstate blog that he has put together. 
What else can he say? Oh yeah, he’s on his way to Boston for the Princeton-Boston College NCAA quarterfinal women’s lacrosse game tomorrow at 1. Princeton is the seven seed in the tournament and brings an 11-game winning streak into the game against BC, who comes in with a record of 20 wins and one loss.
Take a bug (TigerBlog) listened to a podcast yesterday about the Boston College-Princeton game actually about all for women’s quarterfinal games and the focus seem to be where Tiger bye (TigerBlog) thought it would be, that the game would be decided in the circle.
It appears whichever team will do better on the draws is going to have a huge advantage. Consider that Boston College is among the country's best teams in terms of both shooting percentage and the number of shots, and that’s a lethal combination.
The women’s lacrosse team has won six street Ivy League championships. It’s one of 11 Princeton teams so far this academic year who has won an Ivy championship, while two others - men’s volleyball and men's water polo - won their league championship, giving Princeton 13 league champions for the year.
If you want to have a complete list, it’s men’s soccer, women’s soccer, men’s cross country, football, women’s hockey, women’s basketball, men’s indoor track and field, men’s outdoor track and field,  women’s lacrosse, men’s golf and women’s tennis.
There are three more Ivy League championships to be contested for the year and those will come up on Sunday as the Ivy League women’s rowing championships will be held in Pennsauken on the Cooper River and the Eastern Sprints, where the men’s lightweight and men’s heavyweight champions will be crowned, will be held also in Massachusetts on Lake quick sink them.
Tiger blood (TigerBlog) can’t wait to see how the voice prompt what it did with "Lake quick sink them."
Hah, it turned it into "Lake quick sink them," which is which is really unfortunate considering you’re talking about rowing.
Anyway, that's the voice prompt. It was fun, though it probably took more time to edit then it would have taken to write it normally. 
Also, it's "Lake Quinsigamond," not "Lake Quick Sink Them."
And with that, TigerDog wishes you a good weekend. 

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