Monday, March 2, 2020

That's One For Carla And 47 For Fred

TigerBlog ran into Andrei Iosivas in the lobby of Jadwin Gym a few weeks ago.

It was one of those moments where you know who it is who is saying hello to you but can't immediately place that person. So you just nod and say "hey," instead of something more personal, like, in this case, "hello Andrei."

It wasn't until Iosivas was out the door of the gym that TB realized who it was. In this case, he has a good reason why - he hadn't seen Iosivas since he'd cut his very long hair, which now was very short. He looked like a completely different person.

Iosivas is a wide receiver on the football team in the fall. TB has a bunch of pictures of him from the fall where his hair flows out of his helmet.
That gives you a sense of what he looked like in the fall.

Here's what he looked like yesterday:

In case you can't make out what the plaque says, Iosivas was the Most Outstanding Field Performer at the Ivy League Heptagonal championships yesterday as he won the indoor Heptathlon championship for the second straight year. A Heps win at the Heps, as it were.

Iosivas had a personal-best 5,534 points in the event, which consists of the 60 meter dash, the long jump, the shot put, the high jump, the 60 meter hurdles, the pole vault and 1,000 meter run. He won by nearly 200 points over his Princeton teammate Gabriele Montefalcone, and they combined to give Princeton 18 points in the event.

The Tigers ran away from the field to win their sixth straight indoor Heps title. Princeton totaled 173 points, followed by Harvard with 116. No one else reached 100 points.

The compete recap of the meet can be seen HERE. Princeton had great performances up and down the lineup, including a meet-record performance in the 60 hurdles by Joey Daniels.

The big number for these Heps was 47, as in the number of Heptagonal championships Fred Samara has now won as Princeton's head coach for either cross country, indoor track and field or outdoor track and field.

Princeton's indoor track and field title this weekend was the 503rd overall in school history. Samara has won 47 of those.

That's 9.34 percent of all of those championships. That's insane.

Title No. 502 went to the women's basketball team, which wrapped things up Friday night with an 81-39 win over Brown and a Yale win over Penn. That gave the Tigers the outright championship and the No. 1 seed in the upcoming Ivy League tournament at Harvard.

Princeton then took down Yale 64-49 Saturday night to improve to 24-1 overall and 12-0 in the league. For the second straight time Princeton defeated Yale by double figures after falling behind early by a relatively large number.

In the game at New Haven, Yale led 12-0 before Princeton won 55-39. This time it was 8-0 Bulldogs before Princeton scored.

In other words, Yale led 20-0 in the two games combined, and then Princeton outscored Yale 119-68 the rest of the way.

The Ivy League championship comes in Year 1 under head coach Carla Berube. Princeton has won all 12 of its league games by at least 14 points, and nine of the 12 have been by at least 20.

It's been a dominant season for the women's basketball team to date. The only loss is in overtime at Iowa, who is ranked 18th in the country.

The Ivy League championship is the first step in a process that the Tigers hope will reach the NCAA tournament, where anything is possible.

The game against Yale was also Senior Night, the final Jadwin Gym appearance for Bella Alarie and Taylor Baur. Alarie ended the weekend with 1,680 career points, leaving her three away from tying Sandi Bittler Leland's career record, one that has stood since 1990.

Carlie Littlefield will enter next weekend with 986 career points, leaving her 14 away from 1,000.

Princeton finishes the regular season at Columbia and Cornell, and then it's the postseason. In addition to Princeton, the field of four for the ILT will definitely feature Penn and Columbia, and Yale will be there too unless it gets swept by Dartmouth and Harvard and Harvard also defeats Brown.

It was a two-championship weekend for Princeton.

Whether it's your first or your 47th, they're all special.

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Mike Knorr said...

Not to nit-pick, but.... the Yale score was 64-49. 64-59 would not have made it a double digit win. In addition, they beat Harvard by fourteen so not all twelve wins were by sixteen or more. Close enough though.