Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Women's Trivia Time

As TigerBlog mentioned last week, he put together a women's athletic history trivia contest for the monthly department staff meeting.

He included one sample question last Friday, and that drew several emails asking for the complete quiz. So, he's decided to offer it to you today. 

There will be three parts. 

First, there are the questions. Second, there is a brief break so that there are a few paragraphs between the questions and answers. Third, there are the answers.

If you want, he can add an essay question at the end.

Part I - The Questions 

How many women in Princeton history have lettered in three different sports (not including cross country/indoor track and field/outdoor track and field)?

A)    11

B)    17

C)    24

D)    38


How many women have won a varsity letter at Princeton?

A)    2,876

B)    3,421

C)    4,549

D)    5,423


How many Olympians has Princeton women’s athletics produced?

A)    20

B)    25

C)    30

D)    35


Kelly O’Dell holds the Princeton women’s hockey record for goals in a career with 121? How many career goals did Mollie Marcoux Samaan score?

A)    117

B)    118

C)    119

D)    120


Squash was one of the original sports for women in the 1971-72 academic year. How many head coaches has Princeton women’s squash had all-time?

A)    3

B)    5

C)    7

D)    9


Julia Ratcliffe holds the Ivy League record for the hammer throw. In all, Ratcliffe threw the hammer 134 times in her Princeton career. How many of those 134 throws are better than the next-best thrower’s best throw?

A)    87

B)    100

C)    111

D)    134


The women’s basketball team has won 15 Ivy League championships, the first of which came in the 1974-75 academic year when the Tigers won all five of their games in the Ivy League tournament. Over the course of how many days was that five-game round-robin tournament played?

A)    2

B)    8

C)    15

E)    21


Princeton won the 2006 NCAA championship in women’s open rowing. How many of the eight women in that boat went on to win an Olympic medal?

A)    0

B)    1

C)    2

D)    3


How many mother/daughter letterwinner combinations have there been in Princeton women’s athletic history (mother won a letter and then had a daughter who did so as well)?

A)    none

B)    9

C)    24

D)    32


Chris Sailer has won 418 games (and three NCAA championships) as Princeton head women’s lacrosse coach. How many other Division I women’s lacrosse coaches have won at least 400 games at one school?

A)    none

B)    3

C)    5

D)    7


How many team and individual women’s national championships has Princeton won?

A)    24

B)    36

C)    55

D)    76


Which Princeton women’s team has won the most Ivy League championships?

A)    Field hockey

B)    Lacrosse

C)    Softball

D)    Swimming and Diving


Princeton has had three women compete as Tigers after they won Olympic medals. Which of these Olympic medalists was NOT one of those three?

A)    Ashleigh Johnson (water polo)

B)    Andrea Kilbourne (ice hockey)

C)    Caroline Lind (rowing)

D)    Susie Scanlon (fencing)


Who was the first winner of the Von Kienbusch Award as the outstanding senior female athlete?

A)    Carol Brown

B)    Margie Gengler Smith

C)    Podie Lynch

D)    Helena Novakova


During its NCAA-championship season of 2012, the field hockey team scored 45 goals in its seven Ivy League games. How many goals did the Tigers allow in Ivy games that season?

A)    1

B)    6

C)    8

D)    11

Part II - The Part In The Middle So You Can't Just See The Answers

As you know if you read the entry from Friday or the book excerpt posted last week, Anne Marden is the only four-time Olympian in Princeton history. 

One part of her story included a reference to a great, great, great grandfather who was an English sea captain and artist. Marden then sent TB this painting:

The "Watercolour of Sailing Boat in Storm" was painted by Antoine Roux of Marseilles in 1828. The painting is based on one of the sketches of that Marden ancestor, whose name was Captain William Skiddy. 

According to the Marden family history, Captain Skiddy went to sea at the age of 10 as a cabin boy and also was educated in France. Captain Skiddy had a daughter Lillie, who in 1866 married Frances Alexander Marden. Eventually, the painting made it all the way to Anne Marden's parents. 

Pretty cool, right?

Part III - The Answers  

Okay, for the answers, here you go:

* there have been 17 women who have lettered in three sports

* there are 4,549 women who have won varsity letters

* there have been 35 Olympians

* Mollie Marcoux Samaan had 120 career goals, one off the record

* there have only been three head coaches in squash (extra credit knowing they were Betty Constable, Emily Goodfellow and Gail Ramsay)

* Julia Ratcliffe? All 134 of them. Her worst throw at Princeton was better than anyone else has ever done in Ivy League history

* they played five games in two days in the first Ivy women's basketball tournament

* there were three future Olympic medalists in the 2006 boat (Caroline Lind, Adrienne Morin, Gevvie Stone)

* there have been 32 mother/daughter letterwinner combinations

* no other Division I women's lacrosse coach besides Chris Sailer has won 400 games at the same school

* how about 55 team and individual national championships

* field hockey (with 26) has won the most Ivy titles for a Princeton women's team

* Ashleigh Johnson, Andrea Kilbourne and Susie Scanlon all competed at Princeton after winning Olympic medals

* Helena Novakova was your first von Kiensbusch winner, back in 1972

* the 2012 field hockey team allowed just a single goal in seven Ivy games total (Dartmouth scored it)



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