Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Well That's Random

Of all the great social media content that has ever been put out by Princeton Athletics, it's possible that the best single entry was the most recent edition of "Princeton Pets."

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. Perhaps.

If you've missed it, the "Princeton Pets" series is pretty much what you'd think it would be. It's a series of posts that feature Princeton athletes and their pets.

There have been some very cute ones. Actually they've pretty much all been cute.

They have, of course, mostly been dogs and cats, including one entry on a cat named Jingles, who happens to be Miss TigerBlog's cat. If you're a mouse, you have nothing to fear from Jingles.

Anyway, TigerBlog's colleague Warren Croxton has been coordinating the series. He mentioned a week before he even put up the most recent one that it was going to be different and great, and he was right on both counts.

See for yourself:

That's Boris, the pet of heavyweight rower Harry Saunders. 

He's a Russian Red Foot tortoise. When TB looked up how long they can live, the answer is that it can be more than 30 years.

It's interesting that Boris likes to get his shell scratched. TB would have guessed that the shell wasn't very sensitive. On the other hand, most of what TB knows about turtles he learned from Cecil Turtle, famed tormentor of Bugs Bunny.

Anyway, Warren was right. Ol' Boris was a major addition to "Princeton Pets."

Speaking of Twitter, TB stumbled on a feed a few weeks ago that seemed sort of randomly interesting. Actually, even the feed itself knew it was random.

It was actually in its name.

The feed is @randomathletess (the double S is correct). The name is "Random College Athletes."

And that's what it is. It's a series of random pictures of completely random college athletes, from all divisions and all sports. There are Power Five athletes, and there are NAIA athletes from unfamiliar schools. And everything else.

When TB first saw the feed, it was because someone he follows retweeted one of the posts. This was in December or so, he thinks.

He was intrigued, so he followed. He thinks he was somewhere in the 300s when it came to the number of followers of the account.

If you go now, you'll see that it's past 49,000 followers. That's been a meteoric rise in followers.

This is an account that only dates back to November. Also, it's an account that isn't following anyone else. By the way, it also might be the most fun account out there.

So far TB has seen two Princeton athletes included. One was a men's soccer player whom he can't remember off the top of his head.

The other was current men's lacrosse sophomore Alex Slusher. How these two were chosen TB has no idea.

Actually, that's not true. He's sensing that they came from DMs. 

There was also another completely random athlete who resonated with TB. That would be a former Penn sprint football player named Zack DiGregorio. 

Zack is the son of former Princeton assistant football coach Steve DiGregorio, but Zack's personality much closer mirrors that of TB's than it does either his father or his mother Nadia. 

When Zack's picture appeared on the feed, it was a head shot, not an action shot. Zack then followed up by saying that he's pretty sure he had to borrow the jacket from Chas Dorman, then at Penn and now another colleague of TB's at Princeton.

Chas then further updated the story to say that it was his tie too.

Fun stuff.

Now multiply that out by dozens of posts a day, and you can see why it has gotten so popular so quickly.

In a world where Twitter can often be, well, less than collegial, you can do a lot worse that Princeton Pets and random college athletes.

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