Thursday, January 22, 2009

And Eat It Too

As we have been saying for awhile now, this Sunday is the 40th anniversary of the first game ever played in Jadwin Gym. To commemorate the event, you can click here and see the list of the top 40 events in Jadwin history that has been counting down.

The men's basketball team returns to action after an 18-day break for first semester exams when it takes on Division II Concordia Sunday at 5 at Jadwin. And what would a 40th anniversary be without a cake?

All fans in attendance will be invited to share in the Jadwin birthday cake, which will be in the Backcourt Bistro during the game. The cake will be 36" x 50", which is more than 12 square feet of cake (courtesy of our friends in dining services, led by Stu Orefice).

There will also be a second cake, made to look like Jadwin, for decoration purposes.

TigerBlog advises going after the cake Sunday and backing away with carrots and celery Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the highly interesting feature on the Top 40 Events in Jadwin History. Of all the remarkable events, the most improbable may be the fan who made three shots from half-court in the course of winning a free car.

I also seem to remember another fan making two consecutive shots from half-court to win a free trip to any domestic destination on American Airlines. Does that sound familiar? Maybe Sydney Johnson should start recruiting from the Jadwin bleachers.