Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Men's Basketball vs. Lehigh

Final: Princeton 73, Lehigh 64
The Tigers keep their since-1930 streak alive of defeating Lehigh in Princeton.

0:31 2nd: Princeton 68, Lehigh 63
A three-pointer by the Mountain Hawks begets their last timeout. It's Princeton's ball, and barring a turnover, Lehigh would likely foul. Princeton is 15 for 22 from the line tonight as a team, with Davis (2 for 4), Mavraides (4 for 6), Buczak (0 for 0), Schroeder (4 for 6) and Maddox (3 for 4) on the floor right now.

0:56 2nd: Princeton 67, Lehigh 60
Lehigh's Zahir Carrington has 20 points and 11 rebounds, making him the third men's basketball player to get a double-double in Jadwin Gym this season. Central Michigan's Chris Kellermann had 28 points and 13 rebounds, and Rutgers' Gregory Echenique had 15 points and 11 boards.

1:05 2nd: Princeton 65, Lehigh 58
Kareem Maddox just picked up his fourth foul, which was whistled beyond the three-point line. The Tigers were lucky the attempt from the field didn't fall, or the seven-point lead could have become three with the extra toss from the line.

1:10 2nd: Princeton 63, Lehigh 55
Doug Davis just joined Dan Mavraides in double-figures with 12, and the latest points game on a three-pointer that restored the Tigers to an eight-point lead.

6:20 2nd: Princeton 51, Lehigh 43
Princeton's shooting percentage has dropped to 43.6%, still well ahead of Lehigh's 29.5%, but Princeton's double-digit lead has slimmed. Dan Mavraides has upped his career high to 18 points.

13:39 2nd: Princeton 44, Lehigh 33
We have our first Tiger in double-figures with Dan Mavraides hitting a pair of threes to reach 15 points. The sophomore set a career high in the last game with 17 points in Princeton's win over UNC Greensboro.

15:58 2nd: Princeton 38, Lehigh 32
Through the first four minutes of the second half, not much has changed. The Tigers have increased their lead by two since halftime and are still shooting 50% from the field with no Tiger in double-figures but seven having contributed points.

Halftime: Princeton 32, Lehigh 28
Princeton's shooting has cooled off from its 5-of-6 and 8-of-10 start, but it's still at 50%, ahead of Lehigh's 43.5%. The Tigers will still have to mind the glass, as Lehigh leads there 17-12, but the scoring has been balanced among Princeton players, with seven in the book so far and Mavraides still leading with eight. Princeton's turnovers remain relatively low, with five, and Lehigh has eight.

6:07 1st: Lehigh 26, Princeton 23
A cooling has come for the Tigers, who have missed five of their last six shots. Lehigh has since gone on a 10-2 run to turn a five-point deficit into a three-point lead.

9:47 1st: Princeton 21, Lehigh 16
The Tigers are still shooting 80% from the field and have a five-point lead to show for it. Dan Mavraides' eight points still paces Princeton.

13:15 1st: Lehigh 14, Princeton 13
Make that a 6-0 run by Lehigh, and the Mountain Hawks lead by the football-like score of 14-13.

14:00 1st: Princeton 13, Lehigh 12
Princeton is still shooting 5 for 6, but back-to-back baskets by Lehigh have cut the Princeton edge to one.

15:20 1st: Princeton 13, Lehigh 8
The Tigers have a five-point lead thanks in big part to Dan Mavraides' two three-pointers. Princeton is shooting a blistering 5 for 6 from the field to start, and the Mountain Hawks have hit half their four shots. We'll have to see if the Tigers can keep up the hot shooting and hold the lead.

Hello from Jadwin Gym for the final time before the exam break as the Princeton men's basketball team takes on Lehigh. The Tigers will be home again Jan. 25 vs. Concordia (N.Y.), marking 40 years to the day since the first game at Jadwin against Penn.

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