Monday, January 19, 2009

Jadwin's Top 40 At 40

This Sunday marks the 40th anniversary of the first event ever at Jadwin Gym, a men's basketball victory over Penn. Since then, the building has hosted thousands of events all of different varieties besides Princeton athletics, including high school sports, pro sports, concerts, political gatherings and pretty much anything else.

Beginning tomorrow (Tuesday), will be counting down the top 40 moments in the building's history. We'll have Nos. 31-40 on Tuesday, 21-30 Wednesday, 11-20 Thursday and 1-10 Friday.

Researching this project led TigerBlog to more information than it realized about the building. Jadwin, in addition to being a building with great history, is also the home to much of the Department of Athletics, including much of the administration, athletic communications, marketing, business and ticketing, Princeton Varsity Club and offices for 18 of the 38 varsity sports.

TigerBlog will pause every now and then and look around the building and realize there are worse things than working in a place that most people pay to get into.

Make sure to check out the top 40 moments. Even if you think you know the building, you'll be surprised by some of what is on the list.

On another note, congrats to Sean Morey of the Arizona Cardinals, who is back in the Super Bowl against the team with which he won a Super Bowl ring earlier, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Morey, a Pro Bowl special teams player, is a Brown grad who scored the first touchdown in Princeton Stadium history.

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