Wednesday, February 25, 2009


There are some interesting pieces worth reading about Tiger athletics elsewhere on the Web.

* The men's lacrosse team plays in the Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic Saturday at noon against Johns Hopkins at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. Inside Lacrosse's Terry Foy caught up with Princeton freshmen defenders Chad Wiedmaier and John Cunningham in this preview story. Foy waits until the very last sentence to make his key point, which is that it's asking a great deal of freshmen to play well against Hopkins in an NFL stadium in their second game. TigerBlog has always been amazed by the impact that venue has on college lacrosse. Teams play the majority of their games in cozy facilities like Class of 1952 Stadium and then play in giant football facilities for the Final Four and now for regular-season games. It'll be interesting to see how the young players react; TigerBlog was impressed with its first look at them last weekend.

* Speaking of men's lacrosse, Mark Kovler will participate in an Inside Lacrosse chat tomorrow (Thursday) at 1:30 p.m. Hopkins goalie Michael Gvozden will also be on the chat.

* One of the best efforts the Ivy League office each year is its Black History Month coverage, which originated under former communications director Brett Hoover. As part of this year's event, the Ivy office has a Q&A with Princeton women's basketball Director of Operations Carrie Moore. TigerBlog has seen her play at lunchtime hoops in Jadwin, and she is basically unstoppable on the east court.

* TigerBlog's third Harvey Yavener reference in two days takes us to his feature on Alicia Aemisegger from Sunday. Aemisegger and her teammates compete in the Ivy League swimming and diving championships this weekend, and Yav calls her the best college athlete in Central Jersey.

* Dana O'Neil of was Dana Pennett of South Hunterdon High School when TigerBlog met her a long time ago. Since then, she has gone to Penn State and then written for the Trentonian, a paper in Florida, the Philadelphia Daily News and now the most-read sports Website in the world. Back in her Trentonian days, she covered Princeton basketball in the Kit Mueller/Sean Jackson era of the early ’90s. She was in Jadwin Saturday night for the Carril Court ceremonies and filed this effort about Pete Carril. One more Dana O'Neil note - TigerBlog fixed her up with her husband, Princeton athletic trainer George O'Neil.

* Bill Alden writes about the women's hockey team in Town Topics. Your Bill Alden note is that he gave up a career as a lawyer to become a sportswriter.

* Finally, there are these two clips, one from ESPN and one from CNN, that can be linked to through a squash Website. They're both about Trinity's long winning streak, but there are some pretty good shots of the gallery at Jadwin that give you a sense of how nuts it was here the last two weekends. TigerBlog contends the piece would have been better had it been about the end of Trinity's streak, but it wasn't meant to be.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog.
With the EIWA tournament coming up next week in would be great if you could at least mention the wrestling team. (They had matches Alumni weekend too and a pretty big turnout.)
Marty Everin and Kurt Brendel(maybe even Dan Kolodzik, Andy Lowy or Travis Erdman) could be spoilers and ruin a ranked wrestlers weekend.
Give them alittle love. They work really hard in the basement of Jadwin.