Saturday, February 7, 2009

Men's Basketball vs. Columbia

Final: Princeton 63, Columbia 35
Princeton allows the fewest points to an Ivy League opponent in 10 years, since giving up 33 to Yale in 1999.

3:58 2nd: Princeton 55, Columbia 28
Princeton is poised to be over .500 for the first time since Nov. 19, 2007. The Tigers were 2-1 at that point before struggling and have finally climbed out of the hole a six-game losing streak this season dug.

7:10 2nd: Princeton 47, Columbia 22
Last game against Cornell, Princeton held the Big Red to 41 points, the lowest for any Tiger opponent since Rice in January 2007 (28 points). Princeton looks to be headed to beating the Cornell total tonight.

11:31 2nd: Princeton 40, Columbia 19
The Tigers have a 21-point lead, and again they're doing it with no player with more than eight points. Similarly last night, Princeton ended with four players in double figures and none with more than 15. Douglas Davis, the leading scorer on the season, had just two points last night and has the same amount again. That bodes well for when Davis warms up again.

Halftime: Princeton 27, Columbia 11
The Tigers finished with 42.9% shooting for the half. They've been above 40% from the field for the game in five straight contests. Even after missing their first 13 shots, the Lions didn't warm up too much. Not including the slow start, Columbia is shooting 29%. With it, they're at 16.7%. Princeton is compounding that by winning on the glass, compensating for losing the turnover battle 9-6.

2:27 1st: Princeton 23, Columbia 11
No sign of a Tiger letdown yet. Columbia hasn't warmed up too much from its frigid start and neither have the Tigers, but the status quo has been good enough so far.

6:15 1st: Princeton 17, Columbia 9
Both teams have warmed up and Dan Mavraides has hit a couple of key threes to open Princeton's lead.

10:47 1st: Princeton 9, Columbia 2
Columbia breaks its drought on its 14th shot. The Princeton student section offers a Bronx cheer, but they shouldn't be too haughty. It's still only a seven-point game and very early.

11:54 1st: Princeton 9, Columbia 0
Patrick Saunders breaks a 4-minute scoring drought with two free throws. Still, the Tigers are shooting just 33.3%. Columbia is 0 for 13 from the field.

12:59 1st: Princeton 7, Columbia 0
Princeton is fortunate the Lions are still at 0% (0 for 12) from the field as the Tigers are shooting a relatively cold 33.3% (3 for 9).

14:00 1st: Princeton 7, Columbia 0
Princeton is winning the rebounding battle 9-6 and losing the turnover category 4-2, so how is it 7-0? Columbia has missed its first 11 field goal attempts.

15:30 1st: Princeton 7, Columbia 0
It's early, but the Tigers are looking great so far, up by a touchdown.

18:50 1st: Princeton 2, Columbia 0
Pawel Buczak has Princeton's first points a night after he matched his career high with 15.

20:00 1st:
Princeton will have the same starting lineup for the eighth straight game: Pawel Buczak, Dan Mavraides, Marcus Schroeder, Douglas Davis and Kareem Maddox. Let's hope the Tigers can build on last night's exciting win over Cornell.

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Whoa! Here come the Tigers, once again.

I will not jinx them.
I will not jinx them.

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