Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekend? What Weekend?

If you want to make a prediction for an MVP for Princeton athletics for the coming weekend, how about Karen Malec? Or maybe Steve Kanaby? Or Tom O'Neill? Maybe it's some combination of Garfield Brown, Brad Cabral, Matt Conti, Jay Hulick, Whistle Madill, Paul Merrow, Mark Mills, Elysee Nicholas or Jim Ogden?

Of course, they're all hoping you don't notice any of them. That'll mean everything has been smooth as silk.

The above names comprise Princeton's events and facilities staffs. To say they have a busy weekend ahead is an understatement.

Here's a slice of what's happening here this weekend:

* Friday night men's basketball vs. Harvard at 7 in Jadwin Gym
* Friday men's squash national championships in Jadwin Gym and Dillon Gym, pretty much all day
* Friday night men's hockey vs. Brown at Baker Rink at 7
* Saturday men's lacrosse vs. Canisius at 1 at Class of 1952 Stadium
* Saturday men's squash all day
* Saturday women's water polo at DeNunzio Pool all day
* Saturday men's basketball vs. Dartmouth at Jadwn Gym at 6
* Saturday men's hockey vs. Yale at Baker Rink at 7
* Sunday women's water polo all day
* Sunday men's squash final in the afternoon
* Sunday men's track meet at Jadwin beginning at 9 a.m.

And those events don't even take into account two other items worth noting:
* Alumni Day is Saturday, meaning a luncheon for a few thousand at Jadwin from noon to 2
* Saturday night is the Carril Court event, and there are prep issues for that as well

These events don't happen accidentally. The set up for one basketball game is enormous, let alone the need to incorporate cleanups and additional set ups. The addition of the Alumni Day luncheon just adds to the stress, as basketball set up can't begin until that event ends. And the track meet Sunday means that cleanup and breakdown from basketball can't wait until Monday.

All of this is done with totally uncompromising deadlines, since the next event has to start when it says it will. And the lacrosse and hockey games means that staff is more spread out.

TigerBlog doesn't envy the job of the facilities and event people. By comparison, how hard is keeping stats, writing a story, talking on the radio?

They're a very dedicated group, and they operate in the shadows, only called out when something goes wrong. So TigerBlog is calling them out now, to commend them on the job they do and do hope they have a nice weekend. Rest can wait until Monday. Oh wait, no it can't. The next group of tasks will be waiting.

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