Friday, July 19, 2019

50 Years Later

TigerBlog used to attend a summer camp called "Camp Toledo," which was located in High Falls, N.Y.

So did BrotherBlog.

Years and years later, TigerBlog was driving past the area on the New York State Thruway and got off to try to find where his camp had been. He thinks he found it, though he's not 100 percent sure he was in the right place, since it had closed in the 1970s.

Camp Toledo was located in the Catskill region of New York.

It was a typical summer sleepaway camp, and TigerBlog and his brother attended it for five straight summers, eight weeks each summer. Then, after one year of not going, they spent eight more weeks at a different camp in the same basic area, that one called Camp Echo.

TigerBlog has a lot of fond, idyllic, Wonder Years-type memories of his summer camp days.

What he has no memory of is what went on at Camp Toledo on July 20, 1969. He just knows that he is sure he was there on that day.

As you probably know, that day was the day that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first two humans to walk on the moon. The 50th anniversary of what has to be up there with any human achievement ever is tomorrow.

Back as it unfolded, TB was a kid at summer camp. He doesn't remember anything about how the news was shared with the campers, if there was a TV hookup, anything.

He asked his brother yesterday if he remembers, and he doesn't either. Oh well.

TigerBlog has read a lot about the first lunar mission. Most recently, he saw a documentary early this week called "For All Mankind," which was a series of essentially home movies from the trips to the moon, with narration by various astronauts.

What was really striking to TigerBlog was the way that Armstrong and Aldrin ran, tumbled and strolled around the surface but were able to find their way back to the lunar module. Were they worried at any point that they wouldn't remember where it was parked?

Speaking of parking, there was Mike Collins in the command module, flying above the moon's surface all by himself while the other two landed, walked and then came back to meet him. In all he was by himself in a space capsule for nearly 24 hours, during which time he orbited the moon 30 times.

It's like he dropped them off and couldn't find a parking space. In all seriousness, that had to be an incredibly unique emotional experience, being all alone, often on the far side of the moon, out of radio contact with any humans.

Collins never walked on the moon, but he has been quoted as saying he felt as much a part of it as Armstrong and Aldrin.

In all, 12 people have walked on the moon. Of that group, four are still alive.

How many can you name? Well, there is the third person who walked on the moon, Pete Conrad, who was a 1953 Princeton graduate.

Of the 12 people, there are two colleges who produced two alums in the group - Purdue and the Naval Academy.

The anniversary of the moon walk is tomorrow.

The first Princeton Athletic event of the year is six weeks from today, a women's soccer game at St. Joe's. The first football game of the year is two months away, as the Tigers will host Butler Sept. 21 to start the 150th anniversary season.

It's essentially the middle of the summer, and yet the Princeton Athletics news continues. There were five new stories on the webpage yesterday, including the news that Chris Sailer had been named the women's lacrosse Mid-Atlantic Region Coach of the Year.

There was also a story about rising sophomore men's basketball player Jaelin Llewellyn, who was invited to the Chris Paul Elite Guard Academy. Llewellyn, who became the first freshman to lead Princeton in assists in 12 years and who added 10.1 points per game to that, is one of 20 players who are currently competing there.

Of the group that was there last year, six were chosen in the most recent NBA draft.

Anyway, that's about it for this week.

Have a great summer weekend. Fall, and the new athletic year, will be here soon enough. 


Anonymous said...

I just happened to find this reference to Camp Toledo - ironically posted on my birthday. I spent a summer there in 1962. It was my first [and last] experience with sleepaway camp. I was a kid from Brooklyn who became (along with a kid I recall as Mickey)one of the ones most bullied by my bunkmates. My counselor's name was Phil, and he had the same last name as I.

Supposedly the woman who taught crafts was the sister of TV game show panelist Peggy Cass. I remember the lake where we would swim was divided into three roped-off parts: "To" "Le" and "Do" - each for different swimming abilities.

We went on a walking tour of "the Ice Caves", and attended an open-air folk music concert. I can't prove it, but I'd swear the trio performing "IF I Had a Hammer" WAS Peter, Paul and Mary!

We had "gold" and "blue" teams for various competitions... and that summer some campers put on the play "The Sound of Music". I alwys wondered whatever became of that place...


Unknown said...

I went to Camp Toledo in 1948. AsI remember it, it was not that big. Lots of fun for a seven year old.

I think it is now Camp Huntington for campers with disabilities.

Unknown said...

Was just googling camp Toledo and found this post, I went to Toledo for 8 years, 1965 thru I think 1972 when I was a camper waiter and then the camp closed after that year.
Was the absolutely best 16 months of my life, the memories are incredible to this day....

Anonymous said...

I believe I was therein the summer of 1962 as well! Howard Weiss

Anonymous said...

I went to camp toledo from 1954 until 1957

Anonymous said...

I went from 1954 until 1957

Anonymous said...

I went to Camp Toledo in 1967. It was a great summer, many good memories.

April164 said...

I was at To-le-do that summer. I remember the Head Counselor (Jerry??)making an announcement that man had walked on the moon. That's the sum total of my recollection on that. More memorable was that the counselors in my bunk snuck out to Woodstock. I think they paddled up the river. They listened to the Incredible String Band too.

TigerBlog said...

April from 1969? My first crush ever, I think. Thanks for your memories.

Larry Cohen said...

I went to camo toledo for a few summers in the late 1960's. does anyone remember an abandoned resort called the Laurels across the road closer tHigh Falls

Larry Cohen said...

I went to camo toledo for a few summers in the late 1960's. does anyone remember an abandoned resort called the Laurels across the road closer High Falls

Unknown said...

I remember the Laurels, I remember the night raids we did to other camp bunkhouses, usually the girls. I remember my counselor who when we misbehaved, smashed our noses into his are armpit and we ended up calling it "gorilla arm pit odor". Memories to fill a book.......... if anyone knows where I can get pictures of Camp Toledo, please leave a note, Utube had some pictures but recently they disappeared.

Steve Bader said...

Wayne ,Wayne the maintenance man........Loud on the PA system

Anonymous said...

Just reading that about Wayne the maintenance man brought back fond and funny memories! I went there for 3 summers in the late 60's early 70's.

Al Nathewitch said...

I found the post about Camp Toledo very interesting. I was a counselor the summer of 1969 helping with science & nature programs. I remember Grace coming to my college campus recruiting counselors for that summer. I believe Saul was her husband at the camp. I also remember going to a bar in High Falls & watching the lunar landing.

Anonymous said...

I came upon this site which mentions camp Toledo. I was a counselor there in the summer of 1965. I found some old records and the owners were Saul and Grace Stein who lived in Whitestone, NY. Many years after working there I revisited the site and it was then a camp for persons with special needs. I was allowed to walk around the camp on my visit.