Monday, July 22, 2019

Single-Game Tickets On Sale Today

When TigerBlog was a kid, he was fascinated when his parents would drive through the Lincoln Tunnel and they'd all get to the midway point.

There, painted on the wall, there was (and still is) a dividing line, on one side of which said "New York" and on the other said "New Jersey."

Come to think of it, TB is still fascinated by things like that.

Perhaps he should have painted on a line somewhere this weekend and painted "2018-19" on one side and "2019-20" on the other. After all, this weekend, Saturday to be exact, was the halfway point between the last athletic event of the last athletic year and the first athletic event of the coming one.

By the way, it's easy to say the last academic year - "twenty-eighteen, nineteen." Flows.

The coming one is a little different. It's "twenty-nineteen, twenty." Doesn't flow as easily, but it's not too bad.

How about the one after? That one will be "twenty-twenty, twenty-one." Doesn't flow at all.

The one after that will be the best. "Twenty-twenty-one, twenty-two." Easy.

Anyway, the last event of last athletic year was the NCAA track and field championships back on June 8. The first event of the 2019-20 athletic year is Friday, Aug. 30, when the women's soccer team plays at St. Joe's.

That would mean that there is a 83-day gap between the end of last year and the start of this year, which made the mid-point 
day 42, which was Saturday.


When you work in college athletics, you get used to the differences in work flow at the different times of year. For those 83 days of the summer, things by definition are a bit slower, since there are no athletic events. 

It's certainly the heart of summer now, that's for sure. This weekend featured temperatures hovering close to 100 in the Princeton area.

Of course, at this time of year, there are a few topics that are on every Princeton Athletics fan's mind. Vacations. Swimming. Relaxing.

And, this morning, Princeton football tickets.

As of this morning at 9 am, Princeton single-game tickets are on sale. It's a big year for the Tigers, what with the 150th anniversary of the first football game and the fact that the team is coming off a perfect season.

The 2019 football season begins against Butler Sept. 21, which is two months from yesterday. Training camp, as will the entire return to campus of all the fall athletes, will be here in a blink.

Here's the entire home schedule:

Sept. 21- Butler (Community and Staff Day), 5 pm
Oct. 5 - Columbia (Youth Day), 1 pm
Oct. 11 - Lafayette (Mascot Night), 7 pm
Oct. 26 - Harvard (Homecoming), 1 pm
Nov. 16 - Yale (Senior Day/Salute To Service), 1 pm

The Princeton-Dartmouth football game is a neutral site game, at Yankee Stadium, Nov. 9. This will be three days past the 150th anniversary of that first game, between Princeton and Rutgers.

This year, by the way, is the first time that Princeton has played Harvard and Yale at home in the same season. Princeton's 10-0 season last year featured wins at Harvard and Yale.

It also featured the highest scoring offense in Ivy League history, at 47.0 points per game. If you take away the 14-9 win over Dartmouth, then Princeton averaged 51 per game.

Princeton had six home games a year ago, and here were the point totals: 51, 66, 48, 66, 14, 42. That's a lot of points on Powers Field.

And now you can get tickets for the encore season. You can buy season tickets, single-game tickets and tickets to the Princeton-Dartmouth game HERE.

They're very affordable. The stadium is a great place to see a game.

What else do you have to do on a July Monday? 

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