Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Sorry Carl

TigerBlog is glad to see Carl Teter is doing well.

At least he seems to be, based on this tweet:

That tweet is part of a series that Verbit, the longest-serving Princeton football coach, has been doing this summer.

TigerBlog hasn't spoken to Teter since Teter graduated back in 1995. Before that, Teter was a captain of the 1994 football team, which was his senior season.

Also back then, TB was in his first go-round as the Princeton football contact for the Office of Athletic Communications. The first major project he ever worked on at Princeton was the 1994 media guide, and he was really pleased with how it came out, especially since he barely knew how to turn a computer on when he first started at Princeton that summer.

In fact, he owes a great deal to Chuck Sullivan, then a Princeton intern and now the longtime communications director for the American Athletic Conference. It was Chuck who taught TB how to use a computer and especially how to do desktop publishing, courtesy of a long-since obsolete program called PageMaker.

The computer on which Chuck taught TB, by the way, was a tiny desktop Mac that at the time seemed to be so daunting and revolutionary and now would just be the junk that nobody knew what to do with and just let it sit in the back of a closet for a few decades.

Anyway, TB was very proud of his 1994 football media guide, until it came back from the printer. That's when it was pointed out to him that the big picture of Carl Teter on Page 1 was, in fact, not Carl Teter.

TB has felt badly about that ever since.

The other player mentioned in Verbs' tweet yesterday was Marc Ross. TB has spoken to Ross a lot of times since his days as a record-setting wide receiver and kick returner for the Tigers.

Marc Ross spent a lot of years helping build Super Bowl winners for the New York Giants, and now he does television with NFL Network, among other things. He'll be an NFL GM one of these days.

Marc retweeted what Verbs posted and also added a comment with it:
Some of the most impactful and lasting memories of my life learned as part of @PrincetonFTBL always grateful for @SVerbit for recruiting me out of @ArchmereAcademy !!!

What Marc said in his comment is pretty spot on when it comes to what Princeton Athletics is hoping for from its alums and their experience. Some of the most impactful and lasting memories of their lives.

You can't ask for more than that.

And while the subject is Princeton football and Twitter, there was also this yesterday:

That was the first play from scrimmage in Princeton's 1995 game against Yale. Princeton was 8-0 against a 2-6 Yale team, but the Bulldogs' record was misleading, since their quarterback, Chris Hetherington, had missed most of the year to that point.

TigerBlog remembers a lot about that 1995 game. Mostly what he remembers is that when the Tigers had the ball first and 10 on their own 8 to start the game, TB's colleague Kurt Kehl said that Harvey was going to take the ball on first down and go the distance. And that's exactly what happened. When it did, TB thought Princeton was going to roll the rest of the way.

Hetherington would lead Yale back after that opening setback against Princeton for a 21-13 victory at Palmer Stadium. A week later, Princeton would win the Ivy League's outright championship at Dartmouth anyway.

Hetherington? He'd go on to play nearly a decade in the NFL.

And that's some mid-1990s Princeton football for your July 1.

Oh, and one last thing: Sorry about that whole picture thing, Carl. Good to see you're doing well.

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