Thursday, July 30, 2020

Trivia Day

TigerBlog finally got a chance to watch Season 8 of "Homeland," the final season in the series centered around an on-again, off-again CIA agent/asset/rogue warrior Carrie Matheson and her one-woman homeland security adventures.

Actually, before TB watched Season 8, he rewatched Seasons 1-7, just to remind himself of the series. If you've been reading TB for years and years, you'll remember that the show was a big part of the Sunday nights of the Princeton women's basketball team back nearly a decade ago when it started.

In fact, team manager Amanda Roman wrote a guest blog about how the team gathered to watch the season finale back in 2012. This is the how TB started his short intro of her piece:
The Princeton women's basketball team usually starts four seniors. It's another senior, one who comes off the bench, who has volunteered a guest TigerBlog to discuss the women's basketball team's obsession with "Homeland."

Not bad. Comes off the bench. The manager. Pretty good.

You can read her whole story HERE.

As he rewatched the series, TB concluded that Season 1 wasn't as incredibly great as he remembered and that Season 2-7 were much better than he remembered.

Then came Season 8, which was, he thinks, the best season start to finish. It's either that or Season 1, which while not being the best single season of anything he's ever seen is still thrilling.

"Homeland" did something that's really tough to do, and that's end a series on top of its game. If you've never seen it, you should definitely check it out.

It's one of the 10 best TB series TB has ever seen.

So now what?

It's trivia time.

Princeton basketball, between the men's and women's programs, has won the Ivy League Player of the Year award 20 times. That list of 20 includes one three-time winner and three two-time winners.

In all, there have been 15 different Princeton basketball players who have won the Ivy League Player of the Year award. How many of those can you name?

It took TigerBlog awhile to figure out the math on that one, but it adds up. There have been 11 players who on its once (so that's 11), and then a three-time winner (that takes it to 14) and the three two-time winners (which makes 20).

So the question requires 15 different names.

Oh what the heck.

TB will give you a whole day of trivia questions.

* Princeton had 11 players score a touchdown during the 2019 football season. How many can you name?

* Before the Coronavirus pandemic ended the hockey seasons, both the Princeton men and women won their last games, both in the ECAC playoffs, on overtime goals. Who scored the goals?

* Princeton has had five players between the men and women score overtime goals in NCAA championship lacrosse games. Name them.

* The two oldest individual outdoor men's track and field records were set  in 1982 and 1983 by the same athlete. Name him (extra credit for the events).

* One Princeton softball player has a career batting average of better than .400. Who is it? (Hint, she graduated in the 1980s).

* Who was the first Princeton men's soccer player to win the Ivy League Player of the Year award?

* Princeton has had 11 field hockey players who had at least 100 career points. Can you name them?

* Two Princeton women's volleyball players have reached at least 500 career kills. Name them?

* Who holds the Princeton baseball record for career home runs? Hint - it's not Mike Ford, who hit more last year with the Yankees than he did in his entire Princeton career. Second hint - the home run record holder also holds the record for most career punts by a Princeton football player, which is a relatively fascinating double.

So should TB give you the answers today? Nah, he'll give you a chance to answer them yourself.

If you can't wait, you can get all of the answers on

If you can get a perfect score on the questions, then you are a Princeton Athletics genius.

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