Thursday, July 2, 2020

Who Is The Man In The Picture

To get today started, can anyone tell TigerBlog who the person in this picture is?

Here are a few hints:
1) you've definitely heard of him
2) you are very familiar with his accomplishments
3) he's a Princeton alum
4) he's quite possibly the best-ever at what he did

Any guesses?

TigerBlog will give you a little while to try to figure it out. Or maybe he won't say anything until tomorrow and see if anyone can get it right.

Here's another hint: TB had no idea who he was when he first saw the picture until it was ID'd for him.

Once he figured out who it was, he was definitely fascinated by it.

There. Now you should get it, no problem.

The man in the picture is definitely not Carl Teter, the 1994 Princeton football captain. As TB said yesterday, he made a big error when he put a picture of Teter on Page 1 of the media guide that year, only to realize after it came back from the printer that no, it wasn't actually a picture of Teter.

TB was going to add to that story that he always wrestled with two emotions after sending off a publication to the printer. First, there was the feeling of great relief that it was finally done, especially done on time.

It has to feel a bit like handing in a senior thesis (something TB did not have to write at Penn).

Then there was the feeling of dread when the boxes and boxes of final books (very expensive ones) came back from said printer. It was only a matter of time before someone pointed out a mistake, and correcting them at that point was not very easy.

Thankfully, the picture of Teter that wasn't Teter was the biggest mistake TB ever made. He also had the head shots of two young assistant coaches backwards, so for the whole season in a game program they had their names under the other's picture.

That was always an awful conversation.

Coach: There's a mistake on Page 142
TB: *#%!@!!*@)(%#(%
Coach: Can we fix it?
TB: Nope. It would cost a lot of money
Coach: Well, can it come out of your budget?

There aren't nearly the number of publications now as there used to be. TB can make as many mistakes as he wants here and simply correct him when he sees them.

In fact, if you came here early yesterday morning, you might have noticed that the two tweets that TB embedded didn't actually embed. They were just the HTML code, which looked sort of silly until he fixed it.

Had this been 1994, you would have had HTML code for the whole season. Or something like that.

TB couldn't help but laugh when he got an email yesterday from Bruce Wood, formerly in the Dartmouth sports information office, who said this: "Gotta say, the day the press guides came back was always nerve-racking."

He also told a funny story about how in 1985, a senior lineman had been left out of the Big Green guide, and how from then on that player got any possible publicity they could find for him. That's definitely how it worked.
In other news, an email went out yesterday announcing the additions to the Board of Trustees. TB read through the names and lo and behold, there was a very familiar one.

Her name is Melissa Wu, and she was a cross country/track and field athlete before graduating in 1999.

Here's what the official release said about her:
Melissa Wu is chief executive officer of Education Pioneers. Based in Boston, she leads the national nonprofit that aims to recruit diverse talent into education. Since becoming CEO in 2018, Wu has worked to continue to strengthen initiatives that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. Earlier in her tenure at Education Pioneers, Wu oversaw the launch of Impact Fellowship, a 10-month leadership development program.

Wu previously worked as a partner at TNTP, a national education nonprofit that recruits and trains teachers and advances policies and practices for effective teaching. She also has worked at the Boston Consulting Group, and started her career at the TEAK Fellowship, an academic enrichment program in New York City that prepares low-income students for success.

Wu graduated from Princeton in 1999 with an A.B. in sociology and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Here's TB's unofficial addition to that: She was always, always a breath of fresh air, always with a smile, anytime she came into Jadwin Gym or the Office of Athletic Communications. It's great to see that she's doing well.

As for the man in the picture, TB will have that for you tomorrow. It's a good test.

He is welcoming any and all guesses.


Tad La Fountain '72 said...

Since there's no entry fee, I'll enter a WAG (and that's not Wives and Girlfriends): Richard Halliburton '21

Anonymous said...

The picture looks a little like Hobey

Lionmb said...

I second Hobey Baker.