Friday, November 14, 2008

A Busy Friday Night

Updated 9:27 p.m.
The women's soccer game ends, and Princeton exits the NCAA tournament after a 2-1 loss. The Tiger teams end their Friday night of head-to-head competition at 3-3.

Updated 9:24 p.m.
Jen Om, a Virginia native, scores by knocking home a loose ball in front of the net as WVU failed to clear a corner kick, but the clock is closing in on 1 minute left.

Updated 9:17 p.m.
With the men's hockey win, Princeton's teams in head-to-head competition improve to 3-2 on the night. Unless the women's soccer Tigers can turn it around quickly, Princeton will be even for Friday.

Updated 9:15 p.m.
Matt Godlewski punctuates Princeton's 4-1 men's hockey win at Rensselaer, the goal coming with 1:04 left. Women's soccer is still down 2-0, inside of 10 minutes left as a fog descends on Klockner Stadium.

Updated 9:09 p.m.
The men's hockey team increased its lead to 3-1 at Rensselaer, adding an empty netter by Tyler Beachell. 1:13 left to go.

Updated 9:07 p.m.
Princeton's women's hockey team fell to Boston University 2-0 at Baker Rink, and the men's team was leading Rensselaer at last update, 2-1 with five minutes left in the third.

Updated 9:05 p.m.
From Charlottesville, Va., the Princeton women's soccer team remains in a 2-0 hole with 20 minutes to play against West Virginia in the first round of the NCAA tournament. The Mountaineers are outshooting Princeton 9-3.

Updated final
CMU 55, Princeton 53.
Harman makes one of two FTs. CMU forces a turnover as Davis tries to go for the game-winning shot.

Updated 8 seconds left
CMU 54, Princeton 53
Davis hits a long jumper with his foot on the line. That's 25 now for him. Princeton fouls.

Updated 17 seconds left
Robbie Harman shoots two FTs for CMU. First one is good. Second one is also good. 3 point game. Plenty of time for the Tigers.

Updated 17 seconds left
CMU 52, Princeton 51
Davis with 23 points in his debut.

Updated 48 seconds
Davis straight to the rim for the layup. 21 for him. Tigers down three. Davis, steal and layup. Princeton down 1.

Updated 58 seconds left
Kellerman makes both ends of a one-and-one. CMU up 52-47.

Updated 1:13
Kareem Maddox gets fouled on a drive. Makes first. Second is good as well. Three-point CMU lead.

Men's hockey underway in third period, still 1-1.

Updated 1:35 to go
CMU gets fouled. Chris Kellerman on the line for two. He's CMU's top scorer. Rattles home the first. Second is good as well. CMU up five. Timeout Chips.

Updated 1:53 to go
Held ball. Possession CMU, up 3.

Updated 2:14 to go
CMU 48, Princeton 45. Princeton timeout.

Updated 3:00 left in bball game
Tigers down three with the ball.

Updated 4:30 to go
CMU 48, Princeton 43
Dan Mavraides three cuts deficit to two. Jeremy Allen answers with a big three for CMU.

Updated 6 min left
CMU 45, Princeton 38 - Davis with 19 of the 38. Question was asked of when last time a Princeton freshman had this many in his first game. TigerBlog is thinking.

Updated 11:39 in second at bball
CMU now up 40-29. Davis continues to be impressive. CMU's Chris Kellerman, a 6-8 shooter, has knocked down four threes.
Still 1-0 BU in women's hockey and still 1-1 in men's hockey.

Updated 15:07 in second
Men's hockey game now tied 1-1, also in the second. Patrick Cullen with the goal.

Updated 15:33 in second at bball.
WVU scores again, so it's 2-0 Mountaineers in the first half.

Updated 16 min in second
CMU now up 34-27. Biggest lead for either team.
Women's volleyball eases past Brown 3-0. Yale at 4 at Dillon Gym for the Ivy title.
Women's soccer goalie Aly Pont injured in first half, so Kristen Watson now in. WVU up 1-0.

Updated start of second in bball
Princeton women win 69-57. Adie Mecir leads with 19 points. RPI on the board 1-0 in the men's hockey game.
Princeton trails 1-0 in women's soccer as West Virginia scores on a corner kick 10 minutes in.
As for men's bball, Davis hits a jumper to start second half. He has 13 now.

Updated halftime of men's game
Princeton 23, CMU 22 - Davis with 11 at the half, including three three-pointers.
Women's basketball starting to pull away, now up 57-50 with 3 minutes.
Women's soccer underway.

Updated 3:57 in first in m basketball
Six minutes remaining in second in women's hoops. Princeton takes its first lead at 51-50. Men's hockey is still 0-0 with two minutes remaining in first.
Men's basketball is 19-17 Princeton. Davis had eight points - and a big cheering section.

Updated 5 min in first in basketball
Women's volleyball wins the first game against Brown 25-22. Princeton and Yale meet tomorrow night in the match that will probably decide the Ivy title.

Updated 7:53 in first
CMU 12, Princeton 10 - Davis and Maddox with five each.
Men's hockey is still scoreless.
With 9:27 to go in the second half, the women's basketball team is within four at 47-43.

Updated 9 min left in first
CMU 10, Princeton 7.
Boston U 1, Princeton 0 in first period of women's hockey.

Updated second media timeout at Jadwin
Central Michigan up 6-4. Tiger offense running well, but shots aren't falling right now. Davis looks very poised at the point. Men's hockey at RPI is scoreless in the first period; Tigers with an 8-3 lead in shots. Women's soccer about 15 minutes away from starting; Virginia won the first game 2-0 over Army, so the winner of Princeton-West Virginia plays UVa Sunday at noon.

Updated first media timeout
Women's basketball down 38-31 early in second. Whitney Downs leads the Tigers with 10.

Updated after basketball tips
Princeton starts Kareem Maddox, Doug Davis, Pavel Buczak, Jason Briggs and Patrick Saunders. Tigers get out 4-0 on baskets by Maddox and Davis.

Updated 6:55
Halftime at women's basketball. Fordham 32, Princeton 21.
Sabrina Anderson, an 11-year-old girl, knocks them dead with her version of the national anthem at Jadwin.

TigerBlog is courtside at Jadwin Gym, in Dillon Gym, at Baker Rink, in New York City and in Charlottesville, Va. It's a busy Friday night. We'll try to keep you updated as everything unfolds.

Tonight's events: men's basketball vs. Central Michigan, women's basketball at Fordham, women's hockey vs. Boston U., women's volleyball vs. Brown and women's soccer vs. West Virginia in the NCAA tournament.

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