Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TigerBlog Endorses ...


Speaking of voting, the closest a Princeton athlete has come to being elected President of the United States was obviously in 2000, when Bill Bradley ran against Al Gore for the Democratic nomination. Had things gone differently, maybe Robert Ehrlich could have gone from Governor of Maryland to a Vice Presidential spot.

So what about the future? TigerBlog has long felt, even before there was a TigerBlog or any blog or even an internet, that former men's basketball player Matt Henshon was a political natural. Maybe the Harvard Law School grad may still go down that path.

As for current Princeton athletes, who may someday make it all the way to the biggest stage? Hard to say. How about one vote for Adam Berry of the football team? He certainly looks and speaks the part at the age of 22. If you go back one year, it's not hard to imagine that Dan Cocoziello could follow in the footsteps of, say, John Blutarsky, and make his way to the U.S. Senate. From there, anything is possible.

Anyway, since the choices this year are a Columbia undergrad/Harvard Law School grad against a Naval Academy grad, TigerBlog will not endorse either one.

Check back in two, three, four decades. Maybe we'll get a Princeton athlete on the ballot.

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