Monday, November 3, 2008

Weather, Or Not

So ESPNU asked Princeton to play its football game against Penn on a Friday night instead of at 1 p.m. Saturday, which is when it otherwise would have been. At the time, about six months ago, the obvious concern was that it would be in the 30s Friday night at then in the 50s Saturday afternoon.

Instead, an early look at the accuweather forecast for Princeton: forecast

suggests that perhaps the idea of playing a Friday night game in early November might just work out after all.

The forecast for Friday is for nearly 70 degrees during the day with a low of near 50 at night. Granted, it says "chance of rain late," but that probably means way after the game ends. In other words, the weather for Friday night in Princeton for football might just be perfect.

On the other hand, Saturday's forecast says "cooler with rain." The high is still 57, which is pretty good, but the chance for rain is much greater.

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